Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Shadow

Shadows in photography is one intriguing thing for sure… I love playing around with them, with the textures and shapes and filters of my camera. But because I keep taking loads of those pictures I’m going back a step and share a few very unimaginative landscape photographs with you. But I just remember hiking through the park as the sun was slowly setting, and not being able to stop trying out a few shots with my camera as the shadows kept changing and making new images all in all. The first shot intrigued me most – a strange pole sticking out of the lake, its reflection and shadow making the image even more strange… I hope you enjoy these nature shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.
Taken in Glenveagh National Park.







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Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow

When I think of “narrow” I immediately think of places where I had to squeeze through in order to get somewhere… Like cave excursions, narrow roads (squeezing through by car), tiny entrances to places… Or these two weird openings I squeezed myself through three years ago in order to follow lore and tradition… and a wee bit of fun of course 😉

First one was the sunken church on the Irish island Inisheer, the smallest of the three Aran Islands off the west coast. A gorgeous site with the church literally sunk in a bed of sand with the graveyard elevated around it. Quite a sight! I visited the place together with a local fella whose name must be written somewhere in my travel diary which I can’t find at the moment…^^ He’d visit the island at least once a year, ever since he was a child, and told me a few great stories about some of the places. One story was that if you managed to squeeze yourself through the window that was behind the old altar you were supposed to get lucky. The thing is, he didn’t remember exactly which way… So I tried to squeeze myself from the inside of the ruin to the outside. Being well dressed for Irish weather with several layers apparently I misjudged the opening and got stuck for a while…^^ Which was quite comical in a way, him asking me to help me (How? Pull my arm? Push my behind 😀 ?) but after some shuffling around I finally made it and was pretty glad about it 😉 Who knows if I did it in the right direction and if that really got me lucky… 😉

watermarked-wpc - narrow inisheer

The second time I squeezed myself through a narrow spot that year was at the monastery in Amarbayasgalant in Mongolia. There is this stupa-sort of thing where you’re supposed to squeeze yourself in from one side, try to get up, turn around three times I think it was, and get out the other side again. And then you’re supposed to be “reborn” 🙂 Silly me, loving the story about it, tried to do that of course… Barely got in there, could barely turn around and barely made it out alive… but surely felt reborn with laughter 😉

watermarked-wpc - narrow amarbayasgalant


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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

I love the intro post to this week’s photo challenge. Photography has risen high up on the top of my hobbies in the past few years. I went from photographing people and landscapes to remember events and gatherings to try out silly things, dressing up for photo sessions and finding the tiny weird things you come across in life, trying to capture it the way I see them.

The most beautiful gift then is when you walk around having other things in mind and suddenly see something interesting from the corner of your eye.

Like this screw I found in the concrete floor somewhere in Zürich.

watermarked-screw in concrete

It was just there. I mean, what does a screw do in the concrete?! Did anyone put it in there purposefully, or did it fall in there by mere accident? We’ll never know. Nevertheless, I love that screw 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.”

OK, muuuuuuuuuuuuuch later but still I’m happy I finally managed to enter this – even though the topic is now totally outdated but I, to be honest, just like entering photographs on the Weekly Photo Challenges for my own self and my own challenge 😉

When I read about the topic “Monochromatic” I remember an old photo session I had tried to do ages ago. I was inspired by those pictures that were all full of tiny trinkets and things in the same colours. So I had tried doing the same thing in different shades of blue. Looking at it now – I should have arranged the things in a straight order rather than just randomly scattering them. But because I had to think about this session I went to look for the photographs and picked one of the nicer ones to share here.

Have you also ever tried arranging such a thing, inspired by those puzzle pictures or such? 🙂

watermarked-wpc monochromatic

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

The final question asked on the Weekly Photo Challenge page this week is: What does change look like to you?

Well… it looks like this:

watermarked-Weekly Photo Challenge - Change


Well I know it’s a bit of a smartassy answer 😉 Sometimes, I go for the first thought I have when reading the tasks for the Weekly Photo Challenges and I tend to do some humorous entries (just like I did for the theme enveloped for example).

Thinking about it further though this photograph shows a big change I’ve been experiencing through this Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Connected

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

I’m catching up on some photo challenges today – this is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected.

watermarked-Weekly Photo Challenge - Connected

I see this old couple in kind of a symbolic way. You need to “connect” with your partner in order to be able to walk down a path together, and even more if you want to grow old together. I loved the sight of these two persons and it moved me so much I had to sneakily take their picture. Hope you like it as well ❤

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Grid.”

…while lately always being so much behind the Weekly Photo Challenges, this week, thanks to a little push, I’ll manage to enter in the actual challenge week *lol*.

watermarked-weekly photo challenge - grid

My picture shows the main hall of the university of Zürich. I love that hall, it is so big, so soothing in some way, so full of light. The ceiling has a grid like structure holding the glass, which I thought would match this weeks’ challenge. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

I know it has already been a while back since this Weekly Photo Challenge took off, but I take my freedom to join to older themes according to how much time I have or if I hadn’t had the time to view and edit the shooting I made specially for that occasion, as it happened with this theme “Inspiration”.

The three things that inspire me most are bundled up for this image:

Old things

I keep wondering who they belonged to, or who held those things in their hands, what these people looked like and what they felt. Old things have so much history – buildings, items, trees… If we could see and hear and smell what they have “seen” and “heard” and “smelled”… Old things inspire me to create, to listen, to imagine, to make up, to wonder…


Written things have always inspired me a whole lot. I am a small bookworm. I love books, always have since I was a child, and keep one with me when I’m commuting from place to place. Stories, but specially fairy tales, inspire me in all ways to create, draw, illustrate, imagine, dream, think, wonder…


Paintings, illustrations, drawings… those things all inspire me heaps to travel into unknown lands, to create my own versions of the sight shown, to dream and wander different realms. They teach me different ways of creativity and make me grow in my process.

watermarked-weekly photo challenge - inspiration

I hope you enjoyed the picture 🙂 What inspires you? I’d love to know ❤

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”

It feels good to find a platform online where you can finally share some of your pictures you took ages ago because they fit a given theme. It somehow just all comes together – a few minutes ago I found exactly these three shots, by mere coincidence! I was looking for something else, and stumbled upon them. It feels like they were waiting for that exact moment 😉

Of course, I could just post random photographs I took on regular posts. But it’s somewhat different if you have a “purpose” to post them. A concept, so to say, or something like that. A home to give them, with a name, a title. I don’t know why I feel that way, but it feels more like it should be rather than just randomly posting them.

watermarked-chairs angle 1 watermarked-chairs angle 2 (2) watermarked-chairs angle 3These were taken at the citadel in Damascus, Syria – back when the times were more peaceful…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

…you want creepy? I’ll get you creepy…!!! 😉

watermarked-creepy the ring

One of my old hobbies – dressing people up and doing fancy weird shootings with them… Ah, those times… Only looking at the pictures of this session gives me utter creeps!!! Hope it creeps you out as well 😀

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