Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

The final question asked on the Weekly Photo Challenge page this week is: What does change look like to you?

Well… it looks like this:

watermarked-Weekly Photo Challenge - Change


Well I know it’s a bit of a smartassy answer 😉 Sometimes, I go for the first thought I have when reading the tasks for the Weekly Photo Challenges and I tend to do some humorous entries (just like I did for the theme enveloped for example).

Thinking about it further though this photograph shows a big change I’ve been experiencing through this last decade, even longer: how our money changed in Europe.

I remember when traveling as a kid, we’d jump onto the change our parents got back when we got to another country. We loved looking at the different coins, to compare them with our Swiss Francs and to look at the pictures on the coins. Some had hearts ( I loved those!), or pictures of beautiful queens which made me think of fairy tales.

On my first Interrail trip in 2003 we travelled through seven countries – the joy we had when looking at the money of all of those countries and trying to sort out how much something did cost^^ In Turkey, we felt like millionaires, with the bills and coins adding up to over a million. In Romania, a carton of milk cost you 10’000 Leu. A pain in the arse when you just went to the bank to get out 100’000 Leu and realized you miscalculated the currency…^^

All those adventures are slowly vanishing here in Europe. I now keep a Euro purse because whenever I go abroad, I mostly only go to places where you need Euros. It does make it a lot easier – you don’t need to store different coins and bills from all those countries – most of them come down to Euros now anyhow. But I do miss the adventures of looking at different currencies and its depicted things on them. A change for the better or not? Who knows…^^

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