Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Or many Samhain Blessings, rather, if you – like me, like it the old traditional way.

I hope you’re enjoying autumn and all the good things it brings with it (yes, let’s keep the good things in mind like the cozy couchpotato-evenings curled up with a good book, candles and tea – lots of tea!). It’s been rather quiet around my messy world. Work has been very demanding and strange lately, and many things currently going on in my life need a bit of thinking. I try to keep track of everything and brace myself for the upcoming load of work usually crushing down on me from mid-November on. But my Konmari journey is on good tracks, as well – there are many new insights I just haven’t gotten time to sit and write down for you, so you’ll have to bear with me. I hope your summer season has been good for you though, and wish you a great start into the winter season!

Take care!

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