Friday Flow #21: Simple Recipe “Berit’s Dinner”

tn_watermarked-berits dinner easy recipe 1

Let me share a fairly easy-to-do meal with you. I named it after the dear person who showed me how to do it, and I’m still amazed by the simplicity of it and yet deliciousness. It’s basically veggies and fish, nothing more 🙂

Maybe some of you are as lazy as me when it comes to cooking. Maybe others are just untalented (or untrained – or both!) like me, and would be happy enough to have a handy recipe like this one. Trust me, you’ll love it 🙂

As mentioned before – all you actually need is veggies and some white fish. I’m sure another sort of fish would do as well, but since I’m not a good cook and have no clue about do’s and don’ts regarding details and food, I just stick to the thing my friend showed me ;). For the veggies you can basically throw in anything you like. This would also be a good meal to use all the left over veggies you might have in your fridge. I’ve done it for this meal I’m showing you now as well. I’ve used one zucchini/courgette, one aubergine, one red pepper and five small carrots. But let me write it down for you:

You need:

  • any sort and any amount of veggies you like
  • a piece of garlic
  • a bit of lemon juice (I used half a lemon)
  • white fish (I used a pangasiusfilet – could be a catfish I think in English?)
  • rosemary
  • olive oil
  • butter
  • aluminium foil

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv

While working on my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week the sudden thought dawned on me: wouldn’t it be sad if the colours vanished, if the rainbow was stripped from its beauty, if there was nothing left but shape? Would we still find a rainbow fascinating and beautiful? Or would we just ignore it? That thought somehow struck me and my rebellious nerve and I’m sorry to be disappointing you about Roy G. Biv and introducing you to Miss White, Mr. Grey with their son Blacky instead: watermarked-black and white rainbow

What do you say – would you still find a rainbow beautiful?


Friday Flow #20: Everybody’s Free

Depending on what place and era you grew up, you might have come across this video clip on MTV some time (back when they were still playing music video clips 😉 ). I remember watching it as a teenager, liking the tune, liking what the man spoke about but not really understanding everything he said or not really caring maybe, either.

But oh so true – you get older and hopefully wiser, and you start to understand much more of the advice given in the clip. Maybe it even moves you to tears.

Things change. Life goes on. And I would like to share these beautiful words with you. If you watch the video clip and it doesn’t move you, keep it at the back of your head. Watch it again in a few years, and see what it does to you then. But keep the advice in mind ❤

Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)

This speech was actually written for a graduation class in 1997, it was then adapted for the video clip to the current year it came out in 1999, released by Baz Luhrmann (“The Great Gatsby”). It was originally written by Mary Schmich, a columnist of the Chicago Tribune. You can read her original speech below and I hope it’s ok to share, because it is just too beautiful not to share: Continue reading

What Happened After The Big Konmari Closet Purge

It still surprises me every time I think about the changes that Marie Kondo’s book did to me and my surroundings. I mentioned in my last blog that I finished reading the book on a road trip. Of course, while sitting in the car, enquiries are being made as to what everyone is reading. So I started to explain the method to my partner’s mother. Soon, a vivid discussion raised about how Marie Kondo handles things, if they might work (even for me 😉 ) or just generally about the Konmari method. It was funny to see how at some paragraphs we had to giggle because her way of seeing or handling things is just so different to ours. While the ladies in the car rather stayed giggling and warming up to the idea (endless discussion: the sock-handling!!!), the men rather, hm, laughed a bit more 😉

The better now then seem these impacts on our lives that her book brought to me and my surroundings:

tn_watermarked-marie kondo book red blue

6 remarkable impacts that Marie Kondo’s book brought to me and my surroundings:
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The Big Closet Purge With The Konmari Method

Right, so after I finished reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo I was bursting with energy and ready to start tidying up my mess right that second… Alas, I was on a road trip, many many hours away from home… But luckily on the way home! I got home very late that night and my whole body was literally itching to start off tidying, her book had filled me with such an amount of energy and enthusiasm… I surely had to leave it for the next day when I finally was able to gather all my clothes together from my double-closet, my cellar, and my attic…^^ It took quite a while to find everything and put it in a pile.

tn_watermarked-closet purge before konmari method 1 tn_watermarked-closet purge before konmari method 2 tn_watermarked-closet purge before konmari method 3 tn_watermarked-closet purge before konmari method 4

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Coming Soon: The Big Closet Purge Post With Lots Of Pictures !!!

tn_watermarked-empty closet after closet purge konmari method

Hey guys, I’m currently working on the first post where you can actually see an outcome if you choose to purge your closet with the help of the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” 🙂 If you’re a fellow follower of mine you know how I’m currently trying to declutter my life and tidy up my mess here with the help of that book which promises sheer miracles 😉

At the moment I’m stuck on my next category which I decided would be craft supplies. But because I know how scattered my craft supplies are all over my room I feel I could never ever bring them all together in one spot to start sorting out and discarding. My self-confidence got a bit of a crack and I figured I’d rather start writing on this post instead 😉 Yes I know, I’m procrastinating… But keep an eye out – I’m uploading loads of nice pictures for you so you can follow me on my adventure tidying up my mess here 🙂

Friday Flow #19: How To Feed Your Mailbox Properly

Are you constantly complaining that your mailbox (no, not the virtual one… the actual box outside your front door somewhere^^) is empty and starving for a loving note? Sick of getting all those bills, commercial newspapers and other odd things you might find in there?

Here’s a really nice treat for you, but you’ll have to do something for it in return as well – you know: whatever goes around, comes around 😉 It is simply called

The principle is very easy. You write a postcard to anyone in the world. Write about anything you like. You will Continue reading