Friday Flow #26: How Laughing About Yourself Is Healthy For You

tn_watermarked-fatso chocolate stain
fatso chocolate stains nearly to my knees… 🙂

The other day I was off on a weekend trip with some friends. We were all really excited and happy and looking forward to the weekend abroad. It was a warm and sunny day and most of us were dressed in a very summerly kind of way. I had put on light clothes – my new light blue jeans and a white wide beautiful light Tee. I don’t know about you but to us, when on a trip, it means munching around on sweets and junk food as well 😉 One girl had brought lovely Summer Edition chocolates and we were all just too eager to try those. I had been saving mine for a bit later, as a dessert. When it was time for it to be enjoyed by me I opened up the wrapping paper in pure anticipation and slowly bit into the round chocolate (imagine one of those chocolate commercials where everything is happening in slow motion… 😉 ). Alas – stupid me didn’t realize the candy had been sitting in the sun for a while and was quite soft. Not knowing the sort of candy it was either, since it was the Summer Edition, I didn’t expect the inside of it to be – well, liquid… So it all dripped onto my light coloured clothes and left beautiful huge chocolaty brown stains on my clothes… I looked down at myself in horror and then – laughed…!!! I laughed so hard because of my stupidity. Typical me!!! On the first few hours of the journey you spoil your freshly washed clothes to the most 😀

A friend sitting opposite then told me she wouldn’t know too many people who would be able to react with so much humour. Most other people would have gotten mad about the situation. And that made me think – I used to be one of those persons! I would have gotten utterly mad at myself and been in a bad mood for the rest of the journey. But now – I mean, what could I do about it at that moment? The answer is very plain: nothing. It is the way it is. I can’t change it nor make the stains vanish. So all I can do basically is go along and have a good laugh at myself, as everybody else would when seeing this, so why not 🙂 ? In the end, it’s not the end of the world. There are washing machines and yes, I could wash my clothes in the hotel for a few coins. Everything was good 😀

Laughing at yourself when something stupid happens can be so liberating. Instead of filling yourself with negative thoughts and anger about whatever happened to you, it fills you with positive energy, humour, giggles, laughs, and makes you happy. We all have heard about those smile therapy sessions – there must be something to it 😉 In the end it’s basically your choice: when something stupid happens to you, you can either get angry, or go with it and have a good laugh.

Which would be your choice?

To round this up, I have the ultimate humorous video for you – you might have seen this one cruising around the internet already, but the laughs of the man are just so catchy that I cried tears when watching it for the first time 😀 You can clearly see another lesson been learned by the elder one, and not by the younger one 😉 There are few kids that are able to laugh about themselves. How would life be easier on them if they only could! ❤

Hope you enjoyed this 🙂

Friday Flow #25: Anniversary Stocktaking

tn_watermarked-owl cake

Wow, I can’t believe 25 weeks have been gone since I first started the featurette “Friday Flow”. It’s nearly half way through! I had a year in my mind, a year of trying to keep up with a regular posting system, a small featurette that would provide people with beautiful stories, links and thoughts to enjoy, to feel happy about.  A year to try to get through this routine, see if I could manage. A challenge to myself, to finally get off my bum and try to create something instead of just talking or thinking about it.

It’s been good! It brings loads of new ideas of what I could be sharing with the world, what could inspire others just as it once inspired me. Although it is a wee bit tough to keep up with the weekly schedule at times, specially when my regular every day life is busy as hell. I’m learning a lot through this and I’m glad the way it’s flowing.

So – to celebrate this little personal milestone I would like to share a piece of the owl cake above with you ❤ Have some tea or coffee and enjoy one of the best cakes that I’ve ever managed to do 🙂

After you’ve had your piece of cake and hot beverage (I can also offer you cool iced tea if you prefer 😉 !) I’d be more than happy if you could take a wee little bit of time to answer my following questions in the form below. That way, I get a bit of an overview of the Friday Flow readership which might help me evolve it. Please do feel free to comment anything that’s on your mind. Constructive critisism is very welcome, also in the comments section below.

Thank you very much for your help – hope you enjoyed the cake and wish you a lovely weekend ❤

I feel lighter…

tn_watermarked-declutter bag 11 konmari tn_watermarked-declutter bag 12 konmari…exactly two more bags lighter! Last day I brought bags #11 and 12 to the Brocki. I had mentioned them in my frustration post last week and I finally had time to bring them and say goodbye to the things inside. A certain effect of the “click point” also came upon me as I discarded things I have been trying to sell for a while and somehow couldn’t. Off they go. It did good!!! I don’t miss them. Less work to post them online somewhere and promote them on a regular basis to sell them or make someone else happy. I might as well make someone else happy who will pick them up at the Brocki and go home happily with a good bargain.

Bag #13 is filling up ❤ I wonder, if I ever get to finish my room with the Konmari Method, how many bags all in all will have been gone^^.

How are you faring with your decluttering mission? Or what do you do with your unwanted things?

If you need any more ideas, you can check my other post talking about what to do with things you don’t need anymore here.

Postcrossing Turns 10 Years!

Amidst everything else I had to do these days I totally forgot that it was Postcrossings’ 10th anniversary! Wow, Happy Happy Birthday Postcrossing 🙂 !!! You’ve brought much joy to my life this past year ❤

Read their own anniversary blog post here.

It is funny because I only realized it last day – and it is my own personal 1st anniversary being part of the Postcrossing community 🙂 This week I received two very nice postcards. I love when the postcards have beautiful stamps on them as well – have a look at these ones – aren’t they just stunning?

tn_watermarked-postcrossing postcard stamp cz

I’ve had many great experiences through Postcrossing. Who knows, maybe it would also bring joy to your life? If you don’t know what Postcrossing is, have a look at this post here.

Well then – Happy Birthday again and hopefully this wonderful project stays with us for many more years ❤

Friday Flow #24: Learn To Let It Be…

watermarked-interrail 03 bank

I am currently feeling very stressed out. There’s so much to do at work and I will barely be able to finish everything up before I head out to a wedding abroad. (Consider – my suitcase isn’t packed yet either…^^). My mess at home is still quite visible, even after having tossed and discarded so many things. I just don’t quite see the end of the tunnel yet^^ It feels like a neverending story to me at the moment…

After that trip I’ll be home for exactly one day before Me Man and me go on a vacation together. We will visit some friends at a birthday abroad and from then – well, this is it… from then, we don’t exactly know where to. Or how we will be traveling. Or what else there is to organize for it. We’ve both just been so busy that we haven’t had the time to look further into it.

And that stresses me as well 😦

The thing is – for years and years I’ve been planning all of my me-trips I did. I like that – to have an idea of where to go and somehow sort out the first few things. For our trips together we were usually a wee bit prepared at least. Had a guide book. Had our tickets sorted and all. Knew about where we wanted to go. But this upcoming trip abroad doesn’t need airplane tickets. I guess that’s one thing that makes you “not bother about it” because you don’t need to worry about a plane ticket. But we don’t even know what sort of train ticket we need, or what would be the best option. I am usually not like that unnerves me a little bit.

tn_watermarked-interrail 03 greece

I remember a trip I did with a buddy about twelve years ago. I had won an Interrail ticket for Europe and we chose an area to travel to. But apart from that – we had basically no idea of what to do, where to go to and what to expect. We kind of just went wherever our boat (or train*g*) flowed. We didn’t even have a guide book… We just had the Interrail map of Europe, and that was it. And you know what? That was enough… It went all perfectly fine, although we might have missed out on some beautiful places and sights, but the way it all went – it was just fine and it felt right.

tn_watermarked-Interrail 03 innenhof hostel

I met some of the most amazing people on that trip. I’ve experienced utmost Continue reading

The Frustration Behind My Decluttering Mission

If you’re following this blog for a while you know that I’m trying very hard to declutter my bedroom with the help of the Konmari method. You’re supposed to declutter by categories instead of places, to keep an eye on everything of the same category you own and give you an overview.

After the categories clothes, shoes, bags and books, I’ve skipped a few and continued with my craft supplies. I deliberately skipped papers because I thought I’d have a better overview of my crafts. I thought that was a hard nut to crack… until I started with paper.. my oh my…!!!

I’ve been reading online about how other people found it hard to cope with. Somewhere, I even came across this picture which really really made me laugh:

konmari game of thrones
I think you’d have to be familiar with the Game Of Thrones series to find this funny 😉

I had a good laugh when I saw it, but boy oh boy, I had no clue what to expect nor was I prepared when I started with the category paper… which does not even include my crafts paper or stationary items at the moment, either…^^

The thing is – I’m a collector of pretty things. Snippets. Inspiring images. Clippings. I guess, for more than 20 years I’ve been collecting those. Most of it is filed and stored away, that’s totally fine. But there’s loads out there that accumulated due to the fact that I just didn’t have (or take) the time to file away properly. Or read. Or get inspired from. Or so much more…^^ Most of the paper things are images or pieces that brought an idea to my mind on what to do with it, a specific piece of art that I have in mind to use it for. But the thing is – nearly every pretty image I find anywhere brings new ideas to my head! I’ve gotten rid of so many and only kept those that bore the best ideas, and it’s still so much!

Then there are all the notes I took about Continue reading