Friday Flow #58: A Most Lovely Encounter


As I walked into my (beautiful ❤ ) home today and picked up my mail, my eye immediately caught a letter envelope – a rare find in mailboxes dominated by prospects and bills. As I looked at the stamp, I realized it was sent out from Zürich, and couldn’t believe I had already gotten this letter – mere two days after a lovely encounter I had just made… Let me tell you the story:

I meant to go into the city to pick up a few things and do some errands and sat on the tram after commuting back to Zürich from work. I was indulged in my book and didn’t realize I had missed my tram stop, so I got off and figured that the wee bit of exercise walking back to the initial bus stop would do me good. While walking back I passed a rather newly opened charity shop I had previously often seen when passing by with the tram. Since I’m on my Konmari journey I tend to shield my eyes from charity shops and Brockis and pretend they’re not there – because the outcome of such a visit is just too obvious and I’m trying to save a wee bit of money and declutter my home further. So I only glanced into the shop window but ah, it was beautifully decorated and had a few intriguing pieces on display, that I felt I should give it a go, just to see what sort of things they sold and to compare the quality and prices of them (it’s always good to stay informed about what’s on the market in charity shops, right 😉 ? ).

Inside, I heard a lady asking for mini salt and pepper shakers, but the shop lady couldn’t help her further. Funny enough – I had just bought a few of those for my friend’s Advent Calendar in another Brocki not too far away from there, so I was happy enough instructing the lady where she was most likely to find such items, which made her happy, and therefore made me happy again 🙂 (…see what I mean? It’s always good to stay informed about what’s on the market in charity shops, right 😉 ? )

I kept looking around and found myself sitting on the floor flipping through the vast and nice selection of books and old children’s toys and playing cards, which are always an interesting sight. Speaking of it – one particular set of a “Quartett” game had the theme of historical happenings. There was this one card that pictured the occupation of the country during World War II stating the dates “1939 – “. I noticed someone had neatly added a “45” with a sharp pencil. I pondered about the feelings of the person completing that information on the card and nearly bought the set because it touched me so, but thought about my dear friend Marie Kondo and put it back, keeping the memory of this locked in my heart. (because – what would I do with a Quartett game anyway?)

As I sat there looking at things I found myself enjoying the music that was being played – lovely baroque music, some of the pieces even known to me, and I picked up a conversation about it with the shop lady. We ended up talking all about the classical composers, the differences of harpsichords, the singers and performers, reenactment dancers and church recitals in several churches. I learnt a lot about this person’s interesting life filled with music and how she would choose to do just the exact same thing again if she were to live her life all over again. What a beautiful and lucky thing to be able to say, and I wondered how many people were lucky enough to be able to say so (would you…?). Believe it or not – but I stayed in that shop for over 1,5 hours…! We had the most lovely encounter and conversation, and she kept saying how life is full of surprises, which was exactly what was going through my mind. The conversation with that woman was most inspiring and I got out of the shop fully energized and happy (…and with a little vintage notebook and quizzical picture book as well… *sigh*). I had also left her my address so she could send me a few flyers and programmes of free music concerts in a church in another city, which I was interested to go and listen to.

So, mere two days after I met this lovely woman I got a handwritten letter with the current flyer and an older very interesting program about an old concert that took place. What a lovely and welcome surprise after this hard week of work – who would have thought I’d hear from her so soon? I am now looking forward to have a listen at one of those concerts in the future.

This whole happening was just another reminder that sometimes all you need to do is sit back and go with the flow, go along with things, and see what happens. Funny enough, a few minutes before I missed my tram stop I read a quote in the book I was reading saying:

…good things will happen to you, provided that you truly believe they will.

Oh, and the best thing? I was so touched and moved by the music being played in the shop that all of a sudden she plucked it out of the CD player and handed it to me as a present… Wow…!!! (So I was lying before – I got out the shop with a little vintage notebook, a quizzical picture book AND a classical music CD… 😉 ) I am now listening to the CD and am loving it. In the past few months I realized more and more how I should let music play a bigger part in my life again. I miss it, and I’m opening the doors to it again.

I hope you liked my little story 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!!!

Friday Flow #57: My Little Mid-Week Treat

Ever since I started seeing the little Magnetic Words stuck at other people’s fridges and in so many hostels around the world, I’ve fallen in love with those little pieces. I always wished to have a set of those.

When I finally did find a set, I was living in an apartment with no magnetic fridge door (which is one of the most boring things there are on earth…^^ Who would design a non-magnetic fridge door anyhow?!). Two appartements later I still have no magnetic fridge door… But at least I’ve got my microwave set somewhere where I can easily reach to it. I decided to place my magnets there and to finally get creative and try it out properly.

I had with it!!! It was a great way to relax and come down after a long hard day at work, and I was just proud I actually just did it!

I then realized that I might have been pushed by this video by Jake Parker I found the other day – I was inspired to just finish the idea I had in my mind for so many years and was so content to have created something that it gave me a real buzz…

The whole project sparked an immense amount of joy ❤ . It made me feel good and happy. I can look at my poem every day and smile – because I did it! And I don’t specially mean the poem now, but the whole project! You can find it on my Instagram page if you like  🙂

I hope that you’ll get inspired by the video to go out there and just do and finish something you’ve had in your mind for a while. Enjoy the process – and have a wonderful weekend  🙂

Friday Flow #56: That Voice That Keeps Nagging You

The other day I was getting ready to go down to visit my mum. As I was choosing my clothes, I realized a voice picking at me all the time: no, these pants have holes, she won’t approve. No, this shirt is too casual. No, no tights as the cats will be all over you… I then realized that none of the outfits I would pick would bring me joy on that particular day, and that I wasn’t listening to my own needs of what I would love to wear the most for that particular trip.

Another time over that week I was home enjoying my weekend and sitting on my balcony, relaxing and literally bumming around not doing very much. That vicious voice came back and urged me to get off my bottom awatermarked-tn_my new balconynd go out and do something, now that it’s a nice day out. What a waste to sit in and not go out and explore, visit a museum, sit out in a park and relax, do a little trip somewhere and what not… The thing is – I was relaxing, sitting in the sun on my balcony. I was enjoying myself and the sunny day. I just didn’t feel the need to do that out there surrounded by random people or friends. I was perfectly content where I was and didn’t plan on moving. For the whole weekend actually…^^ Call me an introvert and antisocial, lazy cat, a lollygagger that doesn’t seize the day at all, or worse – the weekends… But the thing is: I was perfectly happy. And isn’t that what it is all about?

Why is it that we often have this little voice sharing its opinion about what other people will think about us? About what we might look like to the outside? Criticizing our looks, our behaviour, our decisions…? Why can’t we just relax and be ourselves and accept that that’s just the way we are?

I shouldn’t have to want to prove to anyone how active I am or what exciting thing I’ve done over the weekend. Even as a kid I was perfectly happy staying in, drawing, playing, crafting… It is the same kid inside of me, after all… It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the nature outside or never do cultural activities – but just that most of the time I’m just well at home, and that that is the place I can recharge my batteries best.

In my new situation now I even enjoy the weekends much more! Not having a partner urging me to get out and visit people, family, to actually do stuff… And also, this apartment brings me so much joy that staying in at home feels like heaven to me ❤ So why bother about what others might think?

Funny enough, that same week I came across a lovely quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized anyway…

So I pulled out the ripped pants again and put them on. And if my lovely mum would start eyeing them, I would give her a big big hug and smile, and just let that comment go past me, for it is me I’m doing all this for 🙂

Friday Flow #55: Digging Out Some Old Writing

Putting away some notebooks the other day I came across some old old writing of mine, some even from last century 😉 I hadn’t read through any of it in over a decade and it somewhat intrigued me. It all sounded familiar but still I could barely remember writing it. Does that ever happen to you? Let’s dig out some of that ancient stuff and share it here 🙂 Write a blog post and share your link here below with me – I’d love to read some ❤

Here’s my piece I dare sharing with you – the rest was either too dark or in another language 😉


The whole world stopped turning as the moon rose this night

trying hard to be like his sister

glowing like a red fireball

trying to warm up this broken world

but his strength wasn’t enough to brighten it all up…

…like a sun getting up at night to glance at this place

with a sad face on it

giving up…

…don’t we all sometimes feel this way?


Friday Flow #54: Why Food Porn?

I once read a blog post about re-blogging your own older posts. I put a lot of thought into this and somewhat liked the idea. By mere coincidence I stumbled upon this random post I wrote last year, which doesn’t belong to any particular topic I’ve given to my menu – it has nothing to do with the Konmari Method or my Tidy Up Challenge, nor is it part of one of my photography challenges or projects, and it’s not even a Friday Flow issue… But somehow it would do a pretty nice Friday Flow issue, I thought… and so I’m allowing myself to re-post this post as this week’s Friday Flow because I think it deserves a little bit more attention 😉 Hope you think so too!


For this trip I bought myself a tablet to have an easier access to planning and booking information. I vehemently disliked the idea of a modern phone, so this seemed to be a good alternative. But now I realize – it’s  a blessing and a curse at the same time…

The fact that I know there’s free wi-fi available somewhere makes me want to go online and surf around the social media. In a way it’s very nice. I also have the possibility to look around WordPress with more time and even write this post.  And yes, I’ve done lots of information searching and planning and booking which was very efficient. So that’s really nice.

On the other hand, I always keep the urge to want to share a moment in the back of my head. It lingers there and scratches me and wants to blow itself with importance. Oh, I could take a photograph of this or that with my tablet and share it here, there, and everywhere… and I must say it takes away some magic of the moment.

Today I treated myself three times with food somewhere out. The first time was a delicious tomato and basil home made soup with home made bread. I photographed the sunny place where I sat with my camera and brushed the idea of food porn away.

The second treat was looking soooo good and beautiful that I took its picture with my camera AND my tablet, wasting some time trying to figure out how to do it..

The last treat was a very beautiful looking small pizza with a massive leaf salad with nuts, oranges and huge chunks of parmesan cheese.  And then I told myself to stop that nonsense…

It’s all good and well, but why do we tend to get carried away by such things? Why would someone else be interested in what I’m eating? Why share it on social media and like it? Why not just enjoy the moment and keep it in your heart? Of course you could say that for everything else, I’m not implying that photography is nonsense, I mean, I love photography to bits myself. But it’s that weird new thought I felt to take a photograph not just for the sake of it but with the immediate thought of sharing it here or on other social media. And I didn’t like that…

So no, I have no picture for you in this post nor will I tell you what that wonderful second treat was. I won’t share that picture anywhere but with someone very special to me only… through Whatsapp and my glorious new tablet😄

Friday Flow #53: Becoming Me Again

tn_watermarked-friday flow becoming meI’m one hell of a happy woman out here… I’m on a vacation. I can smell the saltwater of the sea and the turf.

I love it.

I couldn’t feel any happier.

I feel my batteries recharging and oddly, becoming “myself” again.

This is my vacation and I can do what I please, fill it with what I love.

This is my time.

This is my life.

Maybe all this needed to happen in order to set me free and go down my path again, stay true to myself.

I could come over here much more now that I don’t have to plan vacations together but only my own.

I could do all this and fill my life with music and landscapes and become a tatch happier.

I’m looking forward to this journey, gathering my pieces again from wherever the hell I lost them before…

I feel like I’m becoming the real me again, not some “me” to please anyone, not some “me” to hold back own priorities in order to live companionship, not some “me” to put others ahead of my dreams. Just fully & completely me !

I met this 66 year old lady in a pub last night. We were all hugs and chit chats. When she left, she hugged and kissed me and told me to grab life by its balls and feckin’ live it…!


I didn’t tell her any of my story. But sometimes I feel as if some things are said for a reason… ❤

A Few Changes On My Messy World

tn_watermarked-inspirationI would like to apologize for my absence in these past few weeks here on my messy world. Due to massive changes in my life I am not able to put as much time into my blog as I would like to, even though I’d have more than enough blogging material for the moment! 😦

But life always teaches us to take everything step by step. And that’s what I’m doing right now.

To console you a wee little bit, I will treat you with a tiny preview on some of my projects following 2016 and inform you about a few changes:

Friday Flow

I will continue with my Friday Flow featurette but won’t be able to publish it weekly for the moment. I will keep writing about nice things we ought to share with each other, and just publish it on whatever Friday will be following next.

My goal back when I started with my first featurette was to try a weekly featurette for a year – with Friday Flow #52 I’ve reached my goal and can say I’m happy about it and proud I’ve made it this far! I’ve learned a whole lot during that year and can’t wait to find time again to share more wonderful things with you ❤

New weekly featurette will follow in 2016

I am working on a new weekly featurette that has been in my head for a while now. At the moment the idea is still very young and I would like to have enough posts ready in my wordpress outbox before I launch it, so I wouldn’t feel stressed about publishing something every week. (See? I learned something very important from Friday Flow 😀 )

New special photo projects for April and May

I am planning two new photo projects for April and May where you would also be very welcome to join in and contribute something 🙂 My planning has been on hold for the last few weeks but I surely hope to have everything done and ready by then!!!

Last but not least: my-endless-straighten-up-my-bedroom-project

I will be revealing more insights about my-endless-straighten-up-my-bedroom-project and take it to another level… You will be informed about it as time is ready 😉


I hope you are looking forward to these things as much as I do 🙂 Bear with me for a little while longer and I can’t wait to be sharing these projects with you soon ❤

Thanks for all your support so far!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Friday Flow #52: About Anticipation

Anticipation can be a great thing. It can fuel your soul when you’re feeling a bit down. It can make your heart go bum-bum-bum when you’re thinking of an upcoming event. It can make you smile and feel happy when you’re surrounded by difficulties in life and are having a hard time…

Therefore I feel it’s very important to constantly keep a thing or two scheduled that make you feel that way, that you can look forward to. Life would be pretty dull without those things, and nearly unbearable…

I’m lucky enough to have a handful of such events coming up in February, March and April. Mostly short trips abroad where I know I’ll be surrounded by amazing and lovely people. Events where I know I’d feel at home and happy attending things or spending time with people I care. The more I schedule these things, the happier I start feeling. Even though my situation at the moment can be quite tough, those scheduled events lift up my spirits big time and make me want to go on. I’m utterly grateful for that, for the pwatermarked-tn_old and new plannerpossibilities I have to do these things, for the fantastic people I met to be able to do these things with them.

The funny thing is that many events can also get inspired by social media. One person writes about an event and wants to join it. Another person joins. Until, seeing the bundle of great people that are about to go there, inspires you to also join the crowd and the more people join the merrier we all get 🙂 Mass-anticipation among friends… What a fantastic feeling to accompany you through these days ❤

I wish you loads of beautiful events coming up in 2016 ❤ Hopefully they might fill your heart with sweet anticipation as well! Share your events and stories here with me if you like – I’d love to hear ❤

Friday Flow #51: About “F**k, It’s Friday” And The Blackbird

This afternoon while riding on the bus I was happily looking out the window when I suddenly realized “F**k, it’s Friday!” and I hadn’t prepared my weekly featurette – as it already happened a few times before… I made a mental note to write about something just the minute I’d get back home from training later in the evening…

That was half an hour ago, past 11pm, and I only just remembered it again with a second “F**k, it’s Friday!”… I got a few minutes left to tell you a nice story…

The thing is, just this morning something happened which made me so happy – so happy I felt it was worth sharing here on a Friday Flow issue with you fellow bloggers ❤

This morning while walking to my bus station I heard The Blackbird sing for the very first time this year! It was such a happy, cheerful song – happier than last year (it might also just be another bird^^), but I like thinking that it was the same bird as it was sitting up on the exact same spot on the corner of a balcony railing up on a fifth floor where I usually found it every morning and evening this past summer, greeting me or welcoming me back home. It sounded as if he was just happy to be back here and he was so joyful and lovely that I instantly smiled and listened for a while. It somehow made me feel that everything was going to be alright… ❤

As I know that many of you live in different corners of the earth, I really do hope you’d get to hear the blackbird’s song one day in your life. It is such a cheerful, beautiful song it automatically lifts up your spirits. They usually have an own sort of funny tune to their song – the one in front of the house I grew up in had this funky whistle going sharply up and back down again, dragged on for about two seconds – I used to laugh out loud in my bed at four o’clock in the morning when waking up to his song 🙂 Haven’t heard such a funky one since but they all have their special songs… Here’s a video of a blackbird singing, for those of you who don’t know it:

I hope you enjoy it! Have a lovely weekend ❤

Friday Flow #50: My Best Mood – Lifting Song For You

Don’t you know that – you feel kinda sad, low, hollow – but then there’s always that one song that makes you forget about all of your troubles and makes your bottom jiggle until you bounce happily on your seat (or around the room?). There are many many songs that lift me up like that, but this particular one has managed to do so quite a lot these past months and I’d like to share that one with you here ❤

I haven’t found anything of the sort on the internet, alas, so I’ll have to be the pirate uploading it 😉 I just do it for the purpose of sharing the joy that song has brought me and will hopefully bring to one or the other reading this. It has this certain melancholy touch but yet is so happy after all… Briefly translated, before the chorus the lad sings

“…we’re lucky there is love, we’re lucky there’s liquor, and we’re lucky there’s the nocturne of Chopin… so let’s sing…”

I specially love the two beats after they finish singing the “lalala”-part, two beats with the synthesizer that makes you want to shake your bottom to one and the other side… 😉 What could ever make you happier than dance and shake your hips and booty 😉 ?

The song is based on Chopin’s Nocturne in F minor (Op. 55 no.1) and taken from a soundtrack of this French movie called “L’incruste” (“the incrust”) – a movie that made me laugh out loud quite a few times. The whole soundtrack is worth a go – it’s truly a soundtrack you could listen to just like that as it is so varied and just put together amazingly. 15/10 I would say 🙂 (have a look at the preview here if you’re interested)

I hope you like the song as much as I do and that it will lift your spirits whenever you feel down ❤

What songs do lift your spirits up when you’re feeling down? Share them here with me, I’d love to listen to them ❤