Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

I know it has already been a while back since this Weekly Photo Challenge took off, but I take my freedom to join to older themes according to how much time I have or if I hadn’t had the time to view and edit the shooting I made specially for that occasion, as it happened with this theme “Inspiration”.

The three things that inspire me most are bundled up for this image:

Old things

I keep wondering who they belonged to, or who held those things in their hands, what these people looked like and what they felt. Old things have so much history – buildings, items, trees… If we could see and hear and smell what they have “seen” and “heard” and “smelled”… Old things inspire me to create, to listen, to imagine, to make up, to wonder…


Written things have always inspired me a whole lot. I am a small bookworm. I love books, always have since I was a child, and keep one with me when I’m commuting from place to place. Stories, but specially fairy tales, inspire me in all ways to create, draw, illustrate, imagine, dream, think, wonder…


Paintings, illustrations, drawings… those things all inspire me heaps to travel into unknown lands, to create my own versions of the sight shown, to dream and wander different realms. They teach me different ways of creativity and make me grow in my process.

watermarked-weekly photo challenge - inspiration

I hope you enjoyed the picture 🙂 What inspires you? I’d love to know ❤

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