Friday Flow #59: Shhhh… Listen To What Your Body Tells You

It’s been two months since I last posted something here.

Two months.

My life has been quite overwhelming lately. And work. There was lots and lots of work. And work trips abroad. And private trips abroad… It ended up being so bad that I’d have the next trip coming up while the suitcase of the last trip wasn’t even unpacked yet^^. My place looks a wee bit like a dump as I’m having difficulties bringing my things “home” (clean up) and I’m really glad I’m not sharing my flat with anyone 😀 But maybe that’s a bad habit – knowing it won’t disturb anyone you just leave it where you used it… So the place clutters up pretty quickly again^^

Ok, this is turning into a clutter-messy-world-post, but this is a Friday Flow post so I’ll try to make my point here 😉

Fact is I cancelled plans with friends. Big plans… Really big plans… Last week I already cancelled a wee part of some plans as well… I just realized there was no point doing big plans if you can’t really look forward to them. Last night I sat quietly on my balcony. The night was warm and pretty quiet, and I was just indulging into a lovely summer-like-city-night. And I started listening to my body… Listening deep within myself to see what I felt.

I felt this knot developing in my tummy that afternoon.

Cancel. Don’t go. , it was saying to me.

I tried to ignore it and took a nap – it usually helps. But when I woke up I still felt that knot. I still tried to ignore it for a wee bit and started preparing for my big plans for this bank holiday. Until I just shut down everything, music, computer, phone, and went to my balcony.

It was only then I realized how serious it was. How drained I felt. And just how tired. I went straight to bed and had the most wonderful sleep. In the morning, I cancelled everything and prepared for a total me-day. Lovely breakie. Spending time doing what I love to do. Reading in the nearby park in the sunshine for over two hours. And still, after all the resting, I felt wrecked. Which means: it’s serious. I truly, truly need some rest and need to come down. From work. From private life and plans cluttering my spare time…

It’s been two months since I last posted. I hope this post will help someone out there unwind and listen to their body. Calm down. Slow down. You only have one life – no need to rush it through and clutter it with unimportant things.

Take care!