Kitchen Towels (Konmari Method)

I keep seeing all these before-after posts about the newly organized kitchen towels with the Konmari method and remembered I had done that as well but never shared it in a post with you. Since that moment made me so happy back then I still feel the urge to share it here, even though I don’t live there anymore 😉 So, here is my personal achievement: ta-daaah!

watermarked-watermarked-kitchen towels before after KM

In hindsight I realized I should’ve taken a picture from the side to show how crammed the towels were piling up in a messy tower on the “before” picture. Meanwhile, I got rid of so many more towels and napkins, have an own spot for napkins (even a separate spot for seasonal napkins not often used) and I can keep my kitchen towel cabinet nice and tidy without anyone not supporting me in my Konmari journey. And again, dear Marie Kondo – it SPARKS JOY!!! Thank you so much for it  ❤ !

watermarked-tn_my messy world new kitchenJoy in my new kitchen ❤

Friday Flow #56: That Voice That Keeps Nagging You

The other day I was getting ready to go down to visit my mum. As I was choosing my clothes, I realized a voice picking at me all the time: no, these pants have holes, she won’t approve. No, this shirt is too casual. No, no tights as the cats will be all over you… I then realized that none of the outfits I would pick would bring me joy on that particular day, and that I wasn’t listening to my own needs of what I would love to wear the most for that particular trip.

Another time over that week I was home enjoying my weekend and sitting on my balcony, relaxing and literally bumming around not doing very much. That vicious voice came back and urged me to get off my bottom awatermarked-tn_my new balconynd go out and do something, now that it’s a nice day out. What a waste to sit in and not go out and explore, visit a museum, sit out in a park and relax, do a little trip somewhere and what not… The thing is – I was relaxing, sitting in the sun on my balcony. I was enjoying myself and the sunny day. I just didn’t feel the need to do that out there surrounded by random people or friends. I was perfectly content where I was and didn’t plan on moving. For the whole weekend actually…^^ Call me an introvert and antisocial, lazy cat, a lollygagger that doesn’t seize the day at all, or worse – the weekends… But the thing is: I was perfectly happy. And isn’t that what it is all about?

Why is it that we often have this little voice sharing its opinion about what other people will think about us? About what we might look like to the outside? Criticizing our looks, our behaviour, our decisions…? Why can’t we just relax and be ourselves and accept that that’s just the way we are?

I shouldn’t have to want to prove to anyone how active I am or what exciting thing I’ve done over the weekend. Even as a kid I was perfectly happy staying in, drawing, playing, crafting… It is the same kid inside of me, after all… It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the nature outside or never do cultural activities – but just that most of the time I’m just well at home, and that that is the place I can recharge my batteries best.

In my new situation now I even enjoy the weekends much more! Not having a partner urging me to get out and visit people, family, to actually do stuff… And also, this apartment brings me so much joy that staying in at home feels like heaven to me ❤ So why bother about what others might think?

Funny enough, that same week I came across a lovely quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized anyway…

So I pulled out the ripped pants again and put them on. And if my lovely mum would start eyeing them, I would give her a big big hug and smile, and just let that comment go past me, for it is me I’m doing all this for 🙂

Everything I Got Rid Of – Part One

I finally get to write down everything I got rid of in my last apartment for you as an update here. I’d like to get that done before I start telling you how I’m getting on with my mess in my new home 😉 You wouldn’t believe how much it was… In fact – I didn’t even believe how much it was myself…! While looking for the accurate pictures here to display on this post I feel my chest tightening and an uneasy feeling creeping over me… And then, a massive amount of relief because I know that all that stuff ins just GONE!!!

I’ve heard it many times before that people say that moving is a good excuse or reason to finally declutter your life and get rid of many things you haven’t used in ages. In the end of my stay at the old place, I just didn’t get to go over everything the way I wished – by using the Konmari Method for instance and what else not… That ended up giving me an immense amount of stress because I knew that Moving Day was coming closer and I didn’t want to take all this sh** to my new home, but wanted to go over things first… It happened at times that I would just wander around grabbing things randomly and put them all in my Brocki bags, not going by category or anything anymore because I was just too overwhelmed and there was no time to spare.

Also, for my new home I wanted to renew a few bits of furniture, to make a clear point and new start. I nearly couldn’t believe I’d get rid of my beloved watermarked-purple sofadark purple sofa ❤ It nearly broke my heart… But after all those episodes of weird happenings going on with The Man I had an incredible urge to move into a bright place with light colours. Living in an apartment on the first floor for four years that was really dark might also have helped me with my decision – I was just sick of the darkness and was watermarked-tn_gap of gone sofain desperate need of sunshine and anything light and bright. So I figured the sofa had to go 😦 I loved it and it was the most comfy sofa to nap on but it just wouldn’t fit my new image I had in my mind for my new place.


I found someonewatermarked-tn_table full of stuff to give away that would come collect it for the new owner. The new owner told me that this man also regularly traveled to flea markets and would take anything I wouldn’t want to take along anymore. I grabbed this opportunity and ran around the house again to display a few things I thought he could sell well at a flea market. I set them up on the table for him to choose – in the end he took everything 🙂 We were both more than happy, me probably even more because I heard he was a single dad and that way he could get himself some extra cash.watermarked-tn_clear table after giving away stuff

With the table clear again I got on and gave away my closet – well, the big one anyhow. I merged two closets into one but the lady I gave it to didn’t have enough space for both. I was really happy to give it away and so was she, as she was moving to Switzerland from abroad and didn’t have a single piece of furniture with her. It was a lovely encounter and her, her partner and me laughed a lot while helping each other dismantling the closet. In a funny way I was actually really grateful to have met these four persons I gave things away to. They were lovely persons, good-hearted, and just one of those encounters you like remembering 🙂 It was all a nice cheer amongst my rather dull and hard time I was having back then.

watermarked-closet gone 01So here I was, happy to have given away a closet, but crushed down with another problem since everything that was IN and ON the closet was now scattered all around the place… But at least I was able to fill that gap with moving boxes and get on with everything for a bit. Step by step, I was getting everything done…

watermarked-closet gone 02At one point I went up to the attic and nearly lost it… All that clutter smacked me in the face and I could’ve burst into tears right there and then… Most of that stuff on the pictures here below was mine. How on earth could you have so.much.stuff…? With time pressing up against my back, I had to do quick decisions and tried to do them as good as I could. Along with me into my tiny tiny new basement only came some of the travel and sport gear, sewing cloths and the sentimental stuff such as photo albums I just plainly hadn’t had the time to go through before the Big Day, and also wasn’t ready to yet anyhow… So that’s all still with me – everything else went…!!! Either to the charity shop or just on the street – the puppet didn’t last 30min on the street 😉

watermarked-tn_attic full of stuff 01 watermarked-tn_attic full of stuff 02

I am gathering and preparing all the pictures of all of my Brocki bags for you to show you how much more got out my old house 😉 And I will be posting the last of the videos about my Tidy-Up-Challenge and a summary of everything that left my old house but didn’t make it to my new one – including a review about my year with the Konmari method 🙂 You see – lot’s of plans here on my messy world – so stay tuned for more 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow

When I think of “narrow” I immediately think of places where I had to squeeze through in order to get somewhere… Like cave excursions, narrow roads (squeezing through by car), tiny entrances to places… Or these two weird openings I squeezed myself through three years ago in order to follow lore and tradition… and a wee bit of fun of course 😉

First one was the sunken church on the Irish island Inisheer, the smallest of the three Aran Islands off the west coast. A gorgeous site with the church literally sunk in a bed of sand with the graveyard elevated around it. Quite a sight! I visited the place together with a local fella whose name must be written somewhere in my travel diary which I can’t find at the moment…^^ He’d visit the island at least once a year, ever since he was a child, and told me a few great stories about some of the places. One story was that if you managed to squeeze yourself through the window that was behind the old altar you were supposed to get lucky. The thing is, he didn’t remember exactly which way… So I tried to squeeze myself from the inside of the ruin to the outside. Being well dressed for Irish weather with several layers apparently I misjudged the opening and got stuck for a while…^^ Which was quite comical in a way, him asking me to help me (How? Pull my arm? Push my behind 😀 ?) but after some shuffling around I finally made it and was pretty glad about it 😉 Who knows if I did it in the right direction and if that really got me lucky… 😉

watermarked-wpc - narrow inisheer

The second time I squeezed myself through a narrow spot that year was at the monastery in Amarbayasgalant in Mongolia. There is this stupa-sort of thing where you’re supposed to squeeze yourself in from one side, try to get up, turn around three times I think it was, and get out the other side again. And then you’re supposed to be “reborn” 🙂 Silly me, loving the story about it, tried to do that of course… Barely got in there, could barely turn around and barely made it out alive… but surely felt reborn with laughter 😉

watermarked-wpc - narrow amarbayasgalant

<a href="">Narrow</a>

Happy Birthday, Sylvain :)

birthday strawberry cakeA very Happy Birthday, Sylvain 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been a year since you’ve started with your SL – Week Photo Challenge? I remember being invited to one of the first weeks and how I’ve loved participating ever since… I would have loved to participate even more but my life has had some drastic challenges these past few months and I couldn’t join as much as I wanted anymore. I’ve always enjoyed entering though and loved flicking through the other entries, and I met some lovely bloggers through that – I think I’m not only speaking for myself here, so, thanks a whole lot for the inspiration and enrichment to our lives, Sylvain 🙂 You’ve done a great job in finding something new and interesting for every week! I surely hope you’d like to continue with your challenges as they make each others lives more colourful and happy 🙂

Here’s my birthday cake for you – a strawberry cream cake – home made, mind you…!!! Happy Birthday 🙂 !!!