Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

I’d ve been looking into the past few Weekly Photo Challenges and decided to give it a shot ūüėČ This weeks’ challenge has the title “Depth”.

Weekly Photo Challenge 01
Weekly Photo Challenge 01 – “Cliffs of Moher”

Whenever I get near a cliff, I get automatically drawn to it. They are just magical, immense, and I adore the sound of the waves crashing against them. They seem mighty and peaceful, and nothing is nicer than sunbathing and reading a good book on the edge.

The older I get, the less I dare going to the very edge. It can get quite windy along the cliffs and you just never know ūüėČ In this particular picture I was amazed by the size of the cliffs in comparison to the tourists on the other edge oposite me, taking photographs. I think it looks incredible, despite that the photograph itself is no piece of art ūüėČ



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