SL-Week #02-01

Happy news – Sylvain Landry is back with his SL-Week photo challenges 🙂 His first topic is “Selfie” – which I gladly join to get back into shape 🙂

I remember trying out selfies with friends way back when cameras still had film rolls in them and the word didn’t even exist… I loved trying out things, perspectives, places and tricks.

The one I’m sharing here with you quite startled my friend and me – as we were walking down the street we realized we had a sort of halo around our heads… We both argued that the halo was around our OWN head so we took pictures of ourselves in turns and realized the halo was on both of us – she saw hers and I saw mine… It still startles us so if anyone knows the explanation to it don’t hesitate to share it here with me – your knowledge will be deeply appreciated 😉


Happy Birthday, Sylvain :)

birthday strawberry cakeA very Happy Birthday, Sylvain 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been a year since you’ve started with your SL – Week Photo Challenge? I remember being invited to one of the first weeks and how I’ve loved participating ever since… I would have loved to participate even more but my life has had some drastic challenges these past few months and I couldn’t join as much as I wanted anymore. I’ve always enjoyed entering though and loved flicking through the other entries, and I met some lovely bloggers through that – I think I’m not only speaking for myself here, so, thanks a whole lot for the inspiration and enrichment to our lives, Sylvain 🙂 You’ve done a great job in finding something new and interesting for every week! I surely hope you’d like to continue with your challenges as they make each others lives more colourful and happy 🙂

Here’s my birthday cake for you – a strawberry cream cake – home made, mind you…!!! Happy Birthday 🙂 !!!


SL-Week #45: Birds

Just felt like joining a few of the photo challenges of great photographer Sylvain Landry again as they are just fun 🙂

For challenge #45 (birds) it was quite difficult to select a picture as birds are often around and nice to photograph and play around with possibilities. Of course I could enter with a few pictures but usually I like just entering with one. So I selected this swan I once captured in Zürich at the lake. I love playing around with filters and here I was also playing around with the position of the swan. When it spread its wings it seemed like the perfect moment to press the shutter!

watermarked-SL week 45 birdsHope you like it 🙂

SL-Week #44: Reflection

It has been way too long since I last contributed something to a challenge (other than my current Mural May), and I’d love to get back into it by starting with this week’s photo challenge by Silvain Landry with the topic reflection“.

watermarked-SL - week 44 reflectionsI remember taking this image, trying out different angles and filters. I loved how in the darkness of the night everything from across the street reflected in the strangely decorated shop window and how it looked as if it was a portal into another world, merging two realities…

SL-Week #25: Macro

I haven’t joined one of those cool photo challenges by Sylvain Landry in felt centuries… New year, new opportunities – I feel like I should join some more and play along again 😉

And I had just recently taken a set of pictures of something that would match his theme “macro” of last week’s challenge. I must say I’m very bad with the macro-settings of my camera… In the end, they focus always ends up blurring and I get mad. If I only knew how to handle it properly… (Or maybe – if I only ever read the instruction manual, maybe?!^^).watermarked-SL week 25 - macroLet’s see if anyone finds out what it is. It’s something I used, saw how cool it looked and set aside for weeks (yes, procrastinating the photo shooting…^^) before I finally had a ball photographing it this past week.

I hope you like it 🙂


SL-Week #16: Alone

You can be alone in pretty much every place on this planet. As soon as you put up your personal invisible barrier it is done. You can be alone in a big crowd of people. Or literally, out in the nature with no one around you.

In photographs though, you often get the feeling that a place is pretty lonely. The trick is to just show you a tiny window of the landscape, hiding all the tourists or crowds around you. That way, you could manage to bring across a certain extend of solitude.

You don’t always need to travel to the furthest deserts to have that feeling. Even in a big city you can find a quiet corner where you are alone and get the same sort of feeling. I love finding those corners, here in the town I’m living or when abroad. I like my peace and quiet every once in a while, hiding there with a good book on my lap.

For this particular SL-Week Challenge “Alone” I would like to share one of those pictures that make you think there’s no one around. I won’t be lying to you though – the place was pretty crowded 😉 The  beautiful Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is a well-known desert, visited by loads of tourists every day. I loved the view of this particular tourist I spotted amongst the others, a bit on the side, weirdly enough for us with an umbrella. It made the whole picture so strange and beautiful, with a hint of madness, that I’m very glad I got to catch that in a photograph. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

watermarked-salar de uyuni bolivia

SL – Week #17: SDF Or Homeless

When I read the new topic of Sylvain Landry’s weekly photo challenge, it made me stop and wonder: do I even have photographs of homeless people? After rooting around my files for quite a long time, I just had to admit to myself that yes, indeed, I never took a picture of a homeless person. I had many encounters with them, ever since I was a little child. Countless of times my parents (and later on myself) bought them food and handed it over to them. Or packed the huge masses of leftovers in restaurants after our meals to pass them along to those who had not yet had any dinner. But I never took pictures of them…

Maybe I just feel like if I do that, hiding along, trying to catch the moment, it would not be well seen by them. Like as if I would insult them by taking their picture.

I’ve travelled quite some really poor countries and encountered many very poor / homeless people. Scarcely though I took photographs of beggars or other hardship cases we’d visit through humanitarian aid. So I now can only enter a picture of a very, very poor family.

This particular family was a household of two women, mother and daughter, and the daughter’s own four children from four different fathers. They had no man in their family, which meant no protection whatsoever and nearly no rights. They had lost their herd in the crucially cold winters of the early 21st century. You could say – yes, at least they are not homeless. But they had nothing, believe me. We were there. We talked to them. We saw the way they lived, out in the suburbs of Ulanbaatar, the slums made out of thousands of poor households, losing everything in the countryside and moving to the border of the city with hope of a better life. Who are we to judge them and their decisions, their actions? So we are here to listen. To talk. To try to help, at least a little bit, where we can.

watermarked-beneficiaries household mongolia

The thing about the poor people I encountered all around the world though is that even though they have nearly nothing, they are some of the happiest persons I’ve ever met. Take Nepal, for example: I’ve never ever visited a country where poverty takes such a big part of any daily life there. And even so – one of my most incredible memories there was seeing a little child with filthy clothes, running barefoot down a street full of litter, carrying something in his hand and having the biggest, happiest smile ever… When I saw what he was carrying I couldn’t believe my eyes – the picture was too strange and beautiful at the same time.

He was carrying a cage with a fat dead rat lying on its back, paws above…

SL – Week #13: Ecology

As very well stated on the SL-Week #13: Ecology Intro page:

The man is the worst enemy of man.

Very often, mankind does something meaning well – not realizing what big impact it does have on our ecology. Even worse – they don’t think about the impact. Usually the consequences are seen many years after.

Here is an example of a big change in the environment, made by mankind: the building of a dam at the lake of Reschen in the south of Tirol.

watermarked-SL Week - ecology1watermarked-SL Week - ecology2

With times changing drastically in the 20th century, the people surely somewhat meant well by wanting to build a dam in order to get more electricity.

The sad consequences about this is that Continue reading

SL-Week #12: Animal

Still very busy catching up on Photo Challenges today – this time with the theme “Animal” on the SL – Week number 12.

watermarked-SL week - animal

So which of the three of them did get into my way when photographing – the cow, the pole or the dude? 😉

I love the bored kinda look on the cow’s face… Somehow, everything came together in that picture and it made me very proud of the outcome 🙂 If she was a wee bit more sharp it would have been perfect 😉