Friday Flow #30: Amsterdam Gay Pride Vs. Street Parade Zürich

(Note: photographs of the Street Parade will be added later as they need to be scanned resp. re-photographed – bear with me please 😉 If you’d like to see more current pictures of the Street Parade, type “Street Parade Zürich” into your search engine 🙂 )

This Saturday one of the biggest parties of Switzerland will take place around the lake of Zürich: the Street Parade. It is an event I recommend everyone being near Zürich / Switzerland to attend, even if you’re not a fan of techno sound. There are so many different styles of electronic music and also lots of other music styles are added to the parade every time, like Latin etc. , that I’m sure there will be something there for every taste. But the experience of it only is well worth it!

I was lucky enough to run into the Amsterdam Gay Pride earlier this August by mere coincidence that I thought of writing a comparison between these two very memorable parades to share with you:

Amsterdam Gay Pride (AGP)tn_watermarked-AGP bridge view

the AGP is the second biggest festival taking place in Amsterdam. It is a demonstration claiming more tolerance towards homosexual, bisexual, transgender, lesbian and transgender persons. That is the main theme of the parade. Lots of parties and festivities take place in and around Amsterdam, with the Canal Parade being the biggest attraction of these.

I’ve always only heard about the Christopher Day Parades or Gay Prides and kept wondering what it was like. When on our last vacation Me Man and I stumbled upon the AGP weekend, it was a perfect opportunity to attend the festival! I had seen pictures of the decorated boats in the canals and thought that looked amazing! So on the day we gathered up our things and slowly made our way towards the designated canals.

Already the night before you could see Continue reading

A Bit More Freedom In Less Than 300 Footsteps…

declutter bag konmari method bag no. 13 tn_watermarkedI can gain a bit more freedom in less than 300 footsteps I found out. I counted. Bag No. 13 was sitting in my room staring at me, nagging at me, making me feel heavy. Due to my work schedule my visits to the Brocki have to be scheduled as well. The bag was full. Ready to go. And I figured – if I don’t bring it out NOW it will sit there yet for another week…


I’d squeeze the visit to the Brocki in between other things, I’ll manage. Me Man had decluttered (not Konmaried, he insisted) his closet the other day as well. He took section by section out and played runway and tossed out whatever

  • he didn’t wear anymore
  • didn’t suit him anymore

I guess all the other things automatically bring him joy (gee, I start to think too much in a Konmari way^^). He then gave me a tour of his closet – my oh my…!!! I couldn’t stop looking at his closet – it was sooooooooooo nice to look into those perfectly organized sections – it was pure joy! I absolutely admired it and Me Man turned into Me Hero Of The Day 😀 It inspired me to keep going, not to give up on my decluttering mission (although my closet is already done – I’m still trying to tackle the rest of “papers”… I will – right after I finished this post… I promise!!!). And I also admired the fact that he could get by with a closet about half the size of mine… Aaaah, the lucky man!!!

He ended up filling 4 bags with things. And I did something prohibited here – I Continue reading

Friday Flow #29: Writing A Letter To Yourself

tn_watermarked-letter 1 Now here’s a weirdish thought for you: did you ever write a real paper letter to yourself? I did! And I just received it back today 🙂 !!! Let me explain how this all happened:

A few months back I attended a very interesting workshop. At one stage of the workshop, we were told to write a letter to ourselves. Anything we’d like. And I hated the idea…!

I sat there in front of that white piece of paper and had no clue of what I should do with it. I had some thoughts and brushed them away again. It just didn’t seem right. A letter, yes, anytime! But to myself? Why would I write to myself? I’d remember everything I’d write anyhow!

I then thought of just drawing something to myself instead to fill the time. Everyone else in the course seemed to be writing ferociously while I was slowly chewing around the end of my pen. How embarrassing!

And then it somehow just kicked off. I started wishing myself things for the future and then I could barely stop! I wrote a million things down and while everyone else already finished, I was still trying to squeeze in more things into my letter and ended up  being the last one to seal and hand it in. Who would have thought so?

The teacher at the workshop told us that we will be getting our letter some time in the future, but she wouldn’t tell when. I kept the letter in the back of my head, hoping to receive it in a few years maybe or so – what an exciting thought!!!

And then today it was in the mail! I immediately recognized my handwriting on the address field. What, she already Continue reading

SL-Week #6: Moto

Aaah, the addiction… If the challenge host suggests I’d join the last challenge as well and funnily enough I photographed JUST that motive last day, why not join in as well…?!

watermarked-motorbike wheelI always held a certain fascination for motorbikes. I was oh so very excited when ages ago, a friend invited me on my very first bike ride. I remember proudly putting on my leather pants which I had found at a charity shop back then, wearing the spare helmet he handed out to me and off we went on a gorgeous looking Honda that looked just a bit like a Harley to me 😉 The excitement of it!!! Alas, I never managed to ride a Harley ever since. The friends that owned one had only one seaters or at just that moment, no spare helmet. I still secretly wish some day I might join someone on a Harley ride 😉

If I could choose my perfect motorbike-entry, it would be a sight I once caught underwater diving in Koh Tao – all of the sudden we saw this beautiful shell covered Vespa down standing on the ground. It was such a comical, mysterious and beautiful sight – the fish all around the motorcycle, the shells – even our instructor sitting on it pretending to be accelerating and riding into the depths of the ocean… I’ll never forget that! Alas, no one had an underwater camera that day. Oh well 🙂

In response to SL-Week 6: Moto

SL-Week #7: Night

Photographer Sylvain Landry invited me to join his “freshly pressed” photo challenge called “SL-Week” which I gladly join – Thank you so much for the invite 🙂 !!!

The photo challenge  is running for a few weeks now, currently holding its 7th issue. I like the themes he chose for the challenges so far, and I like helping out new things to get started, so I’ll try to contribute as much as I can. At least, on this one I’m not running late as I am with the Weekly Photo Challenges 😉 I shall catch up on some of those soon!

I should be doing other stuff now actually… Preparing things for work, keep decluttering, keep tackling my current KM category of “paper”, bring my items which scatter my floor to their “home” so they (and in fact, I !!!) can relax better. But my heavy burden called procrastination is lingering around my person again, and when work is being tough, I like procrastinating. I feel I’m allowed to procrastinate. And I allow myself to root around pictures, sort them out, delete the very bad ones (hey, that’s also decluttering, isn’t it?) and just enjoy playing around with the photographs until something funny for a weekly feature comes out so I can share my work with others and maybe bring them a smile 🙂

This current picture was obviously taken by night at one of my favourite castles in Switzerland. I figured that a picture taken with the help of a tripod would have been sharper and better, but I still stuck to this one because the ambience makes it so special, and it somehow reminds me of a passage way or a time machine or such… watermarked-time machine passage

What do you have to think of when you see this picture? I wonder – let me know 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

…you want creepy? I’ll get you creepy…!!! 😉

watermarked-creepy the ring

One of my old hobbies – dressing people up and doing fancy weird shootings with them… Ah, those times… Only looking at the pictures of this session gives me utter creeps!!! Hope it creeps you out as well 😀

<a href="">Creepy</a>