Tidy-Up-Challenge Video #5!

Finally, finally, finally… I get to share the fifth video of my Tidy-Up-Challenge, featuring days 251-333, which date right onto the 31st of December 2015… What’s my conclusion of it? I failed to win my own challenge… Do I care? To be honest – no, not really… 😉 My life was just as messy as the room you see pictured, so I clearly had other more important issues to deal with at the time. Funny enough – thinking about it and seeing my new place now, the mess really could represent how I felt on the inside^^…

Here’s what the lot of you thought when following my messy room project – I have no idea how to close the poll so here’s a screen shot for you with all the current relevant info:

poll results my messy roomI am very sorry to disappoint the 62,5% of you… I’d say in my own bubble of dreams I was amongst them 😉 It’s very nice to feel so much support though, and to see that more than half the people voting thought I’d make it… Thank you for that 🙂

Congratulations to the 12,5% that didn’t believe in me – you did well 🙂 !

As I was about to move flats soon after the ending of the messy room project (well, it was what I had hoped for anyhow^^) I had decided to keep it up until the very end which was the big move on April 1st 2016. So I got picture material of three more months to share with you which shall be interesting with it coming to an end. I also plan to post an overview of everything that has gone out the door of the old flat. I need time to prepare these things, so bear with me…

I must say, only by putting together the video I felt dread towards the mess in my room and completely uncomfortable… I’m sure it has also to do with how I felt in that flat towards the end of my stay there, but the whole mess there… I can’t believe how I could deal with it and I am so utterly grateful and happy I’m out of there and my new place is SO much nicer and makes me feel SO much better… I can’t believe how much stuff I got rid of since starting my Tidy-Up-Challenge or even my Konmari journey! I must say this whole procedure was truly life-changing…

Stay tuned for more! Now enjoy the messy video 😀

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Tidy-Up-Challenge Update & Video #4!

I finally got my 4th video together of the Endless-Tidy-Up-Challenge featuring days 147-250 – watch it here below 🙂

You’ll see ups and downs on the challenge… In a way, you might still think there has not been much done ever since, but lots has been done actually, even though you can’t see it! Let me give you a small update on the challenge and the things I’ve done since video #3 came out:

* I KM all of my shoes, bags and books ever since I published the last video – you can’t notice those changes in my room since you can’t see into my closet from the pictures or onto my other bookshelf, but yes – I did them 😀

* I filled seven more Brocki bags and gave the things away to the Brocki (charity shop) – so seven more bags are now gone with things that were in my bedroom before!

* I KM my craft supplies – that’s when you see the room in the most messy stage in the video. Since it was all scattered and hard to grab in a picture I can’t show you the progress there, but I gave lots away and my craft supplies now only need to be sorted better and stored in a more appropriate way – I will be dealing with it later since Marie Kondo suggests to purge first before finding an appropriate way to store.

* I KM all of my medals and trophies and tidied up my top shelf – it looks really nice and neat now – but it’s on the side of the picture so you never get to see the progress there either 😉 It gave me loads of joy though as you can read about it here.

* I finally got rid of my computer tower cluttering my bedroom for nearly a year 😀

* I dealt with lots of paper already, shredded masses of it with my own fingers or put them into the recycling pile. I went through all of my recipes and reduced the collected ones onto one binder, leaving another binder free for storing other paper things I would like to keep separately.

Current status:

* I’m still doing paper, paper, paper… never-ending, dear paper… I managed to deal with all of my bank info and started writing down important information on a separate digital word file to be able to discard most of my credit card balance records – still working on it.

* I have to finish dealing with my health insurance papers – that would be the last thing on the list of official paper category and then I will be done! Continue reading

Endless Tidy-Up-Challenge Video #3

Finally, here’s the enless Tidy-Up-Challenge video #3 for you, featuring days 101 – 147 – brace yourself for a good stun and laugh 😀

A few notes before you watch it:

* 0:28 – new pile of mess after coming home from a 2 week trip

* 0:53 – new pile of mess after starting to use the Konmari method when purging my closet – I had to take everything out so it had to go somewhere 🙂

* 1:24 – disguised clean-up – I had a visitor staying over so I literally had to clear the floor a bit for the suitcase and comfort of the visitor 😀

* 1:34 – visitor is gone and I’m trying hard to keep it up to the standart of when before the visitor was here – as you see not toooooo successful, but I’m trying… 😉

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