Daily Discard Challenge

I just came across this person blogging about her DDC (=Daily Discard Challenge) which I think it’s a very neat idea:) I’ve read about it in a few magazines before and even thought about doing so for this upcoming year, but since I’m new to blogging I wasn’t sure how to start and by the time I opened my blog it was already halfway through January 🙂 So I’ll keep this one in mind and hope she manages the challenge successfully :)!

I also found this very interesting article about having too much stuff in our lives – check it out here:


Old Yarns and Woolly Thoughts

Happy New Year 2015!

It’s a new year and time for a new resolution. Keeping to resolutions has never been something that I’ve been able to manage for any length of time, whether made at the start of a new year, during Lent, or at any other time for that matter. I don’t have much will power!

On the 1st of January 2015 I decided that it’s time to start shedding all the accumulated junk I’ve managed to collect over 50+ years. Having made this somewhat tentative resolution, I was further inspired by hearing Dr Teresa Belton, an academic at the University of East Anglia,  speak on Woman’s Hour the other day about how embracing modest consumerism as a lifestyle can lead to happiness and have a positive effect not only on our own state of mind but also on our surroundings. This echoed my own thoughts to a ‘T’…

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The Urge to Declutter

Someone once told me, that if you ever had the feeling you could let go of something, you should seize the chance and let it go, before you think about it once more…!

So here I am, trying to seize the chances that come upon me and gather all my things I don’t need anymore and put them aside for the charity shop. Or, more popular over here than charity shops, the so called “Brocki’s”, an abreviation of “Brockenstube” or “Brockenhaus”, which literally means something like “living room of pieces” / “house of pieces”. I totally love the idea of those – you bring them pretty things you don’t use anymore and they re-sell them for money. Most of those Brockis are Continue reading

The Endless Straighten-Up-My-Bedroom Project

There aren’t many points in my life when I recall having a perfectly tidy bedroom. I think I could count them with both my hands… I have never had a problem with my mess – altough it seemed to be very unorganized, I always ended up finding everything I wanted and always knew where I had left what thing behind, or what pile I had to lift in order to find it. Lately it has gotten a bit out of control though^^.  There have been times I just couldn’t find my stuff anymore, even though I thought I knew I had left it somewhere around that corner. Sometimes I literally even lost things, never to be found again…

I realized  I was in deeper trouble than I thought and wanted to do something about it. I set myself a goal – to have a perfectly tidy room by Christmas 2014. I started taking a picture of my bedroom every night before I went to sleep, to see the so-called-progress… After a while I realized there wasn’t much change to be seen, and my goal to be done by Christmas, what with all the Christmas present preparations to be done, another unreachable thing to do.

day 1
day 1

I told myself I didn’t want to stress myself out and Continue reading