Welcome to my little messy world here 🙂

About me

For the curious ones: I have been living in Zürich / Switzerland for a few years by now. I love traveling. I love cheesecake. I’m a bit chaotic but usually always find my stuff again^^. I’m messy but not dirty – you’ll never find dirty dishes or scraps of food in my mess. I love creating things. I love photography. I try to live life to its fullest and to live it mindfully. I sometimes don’t know where to start^^

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All written content and photographs in this blog are created by me unless stated otherwise. You may use the content for private purposes ONLY. If you’d like to share something, please give me credit for it and send me a link to the post. Be fair. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want others to do with your content – I respect the content of other people and would like them to respect mine as well. Thank you.

© k.arla


43 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks again for mentioning my blog – I truly feel honoured that you got inspired by it 😀 I was thinking – maybe I could just tell people to feel challenged if they want to, so it’s open to everyone and I don’t end up stressing a random stranger here 😉 Hehe, thanks again for your suggestion and all ❤


  1. Hi Missus,
    I like your ballet and music pictures.
    It’s Janice from Reflections. I am glad you liked the post I wrote for Paardje. I am glad he inspired me since it is being well-received.
    Thank you again for your interest in my article

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    1. Aaaah, the shoes and tights… Too bad weather changes so quickly here that there’s barely time to use all those tights and colourful shoes I’ve been hoarding 😦 Thank you my dear 🙂


      1. Oh, me too!!! And spring and autumn usually goes by in a blink and it looks silly to wear thick thermo tights underneath the colourful ones… The colourful ones are just way too thin 😦 Mememememe… 😉


      2. …how many layers… ;-)? I can’t believe when I hear people saying they’re cold, and then I find out they’re not wearing tights under jeans… I mean, not even ONE layer of them…^^


      3. Haha, awesome to see a soulmate – though of course it’s not awesome that we’re always cold. I’ve been known to wear tights under jeans and a long woolen skirt over jeans when the temperatures dropped below minus ten Celsius. But mostly it’s around zero in winter here, so I make do with just two layers. Brave 😉

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      4. …I must say I don’t envy your cold winters – I can’t imagine what it must be like in wintertime in the East!!! You’re really brave!!! I dream of going to Iceland one day but keep pushing it away further because I don’t want to spend my summer in a cold place *lol*


      5. Well, thank you, though I’m not really brave, I try to leave the house as little as possible when it’s cold (which is most of the time) and my ideal room temperature is 25 to 26 Celsius. See, not brave!

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