Photo Challenge: Mural May 2018

Welcome to the Mural May 2018 Photo Challenge 🙂 Anyone is more than welcome to join! Consider these rules if joining:

  • You are allowed to enter any type of artwork that is painted on a piece of wall.
  • Please label your picture / post with “Mural May 2018” and the day you’re entering your picture.
  • Explain somewhere where and when the picture has been taken. You are of course allowed to enter very old photographs – so now’s the time for you to rummage through your old files 🙂
  • If you feel like it, share a little story about how you created / found this mural.
  • You may enter in as many days as you like. Please limit yourself to one entry per day though.
  • If the artist of the mural is known to you, please also give credit to the artist as well.
  • Please use the small Mural May 2018 title picture below to attach to your post and create a pingback to this post here.
  • Last but not least – comment on my Mural May post of the day you’d like to enter by leaving a link to your own entry. Please only enter on the corresponding day – don’t enter on older days!

Now grab your camera and come join me on this challenge!

tn_mural may 2018 watermarked small

But specially: have fun!


To read about my glorious preparation for this launch, click here.

To have an overview of the 2016 challenge, click here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Shadow

Shadows in photography is one intriguing thing for sure… I love playing around with them, with the textures and shapes and filters of my camera. But because I keep taking loads of those pictures I’m going back a step and share a few very unimaginative landscape photographs with you. But I just remember hiking through the park as the sun was slowly setting, and not being able to stop trying out a few shots with my camera as the shadows kept changing and making new images all in all. The first shot intrigued me most – a strange pole sticking out of the lake, its reflection and shadow making the image even more strange… I hope you enjoy these nature shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.
Taken in Glenveagh National Park.







<a href="">Shadow</a>

SL-Week #02-01

Happy news – Sylvain Landry is back with his SL-Week photo challenges 🙂 His first topic is “Selfie” – which I gladly join to get back into shape 🙂

I remember trying out selfies with friends way back when cameras still had film rolls in them and the word didn’t even exist… I loved trying out things, perspectives, places and tricks.

The one I’m sharing here with you quite startled my friend and me – as we were walking down the street we realized we had a sort of halo around our heads… We both argued that the halo was around our OWN head so we took pictures of ourselves in turns and realized the halo was on both of us – she saw hers and I saw mine… It still startles us so if anyone knows the explanation to it don’t hesitate to share it here with me – your knowledge will be deeply appreciated 😉