Friday Flow #42: Allow Yourself A Down-Day

watermarked-sad enough donkey beach

As I mentioned this thought in another Friday Flow issue before – I’m not going to lie to you: I’m feeling down.

Really down.

There are good things, bad things and sad things happening in my life at the moment. And I can’t seem to deal with them all at once.

My energy is drained.

I feel tired all the time, yet I can’t allow myself to get some rest because there’s so much else that needs to be done at the moment.

I feel I’m neglecting my friends.

I feel I’m neglecting my needs.

And I’m neglecting blogging all in all. I can’t find time to browse through new posts of people I’m following, followers and random posts. I can’t find time to comment or reply to comments the way I’d like to. I can’t participate in photo challenges as much as I’d love to. And I can’t keep up with my posts about the mess in my room (which at the moment is taking catastrophic dimensions again^^) and the progress with the Konmari Method.

Well, bummer.

So I’m not going to lie to you. I’m telling you this because Continue reading

Friday Flow #41: When Things Just Flow Along

Do you know those days when everything seems to come together? When little events happen along and flow right into what needed to be done and the hours seem to be running smoothly along the day?

It’s a tiny thing, really. But somehow, as it was all going well today, it made me very happy and content. It’s not like the perfect day or so, but just everything came along matching everything else smoothly…

It started when I was going back home from work and wanted to catch some of the last few sunrays of the day. As I was writing in this other Friday Flow issue before, this October and now November has been quite mild, unusually mild to be honest. It doesn’t feel like winter is coming at all^^ When out in the sun, you can take off your jacket, even your jumper! And when walking you don’t hurry back home yearning for warmth but feel comfortable strolling along the streets for a little while longer.

So as I was thinking of the Sihlfeld Cemetery again to sit down in the sun with my book for a little while, I came across their office which happened to be open. What a joy and surprise – as I usually never caught it to be open these days, and there was an exhibition I was really interested to see as the reviews seemed to be promising. So on I went into the old  building, happily receiving an audio guide and got ready to start the tour of the exhibition.

The exhibition might seem a bit peculiar to some as it is not an everyday topic being portrayed here. It is called “As long as I live, death will not be able to catch me”. To realize this project, journalist Tobias Wenzel traveled the world for four years and interviewed famous writers from all over the world at cemeteries of their choice. He managed to meet up with over 70 writers and publish their conversations in a book and audio series at the local radio.  Around half of these meet-ups were introduced at this current exhibition in Zürich.

With the audio guide you’d hear sounds of the surroundings, the voices of the writers and could listen to their tales. They talked about everything, and some conversations where really lovely and deep. As I was watching their big beautiful black and white photographs I could indulge into their stories, and before I knew it nearly two hours had passed!

I left the building refreshed, happy, inspired, and thoughtful. What a great exhibition that was! As I was walking home, I came across the most beautiful leaf I found this autumn – look at it:

watermarked-tn_autumn leaf

Isn’t it just gorgeous? I picked it up and it’s now between the pages of a magazine to be pressed and then hung up to decorate my wall.

As I kept walking, I passed a guitar shop – which was incredibly handy as I had just gotten back my electric guitar after several years and I had no guitar case for it. So I went in, had a chit chat with the owner and bought me a case and a new set of strings. Taking yet another street I usually don’t take I passed another shop which was perfect for an upcoming birthday gift for a friend.

Passing these places was all coincidence, but it just fit into my planning and lifted up some weight and stress as I now don’t need to do these things on extra errands, and even though I couldn’t soak up some sunlight, I came home happy and refreshed.watermarked-tn_chocolate stain 1.jpg

Opening up my rucksack I then found that I had forgotten about a chocolate treat which was given to me in a store, which had melted and stained some of my things that were in the bag. But nothing major, and as I know from this last time – chocolate can be washed up easily, so I brushed it off with a giggle and happy thoughts about a beautiful evening that just did me good ❤

watermarked-tn_chocolate stain 2

Friday Flow #40: That Feeling You’re Missing Out On Things…

Most of us may know this terrible feeling that you’re missing out on something… Just a few minutes ago it hit me again with a big nasty punch in my stomach… I was happily wandering through social network (…bad!!! 😉 ) when I read a comment about a Faithless song which made me wonder – hang on, will they be here for a concert? The reply came the following day. Today. Yes, they were here for a concert… and that was yesterday!

I truly needed a few minutes to recover from the shock… Now, not everyone might understand this. If you’re not into electronic music, then just think of your favourite band. Actor. Writer. Football team. Anything that brings you utter joy. And then finding out they were in your town (ok, or another town nearby) just the day that passed… Does it click anywhere?

I would have been in the greatest mood for them. Their music and their concert would have helped me unload lots of feelings I’m carrying around at the moment and jump and scream around, letting their music touch my soul. It would have been fantastic. It would have been relieving. And I missed it 😦

I struggled with strong disappointment for a few minutes and clicked around some sites to find out where they had been to, and how come I had missed their advertising… I must admit – I don’t Continue reading

When Your Lip Balm Is Finally Used Up…

Do you also know that feeling – that utter relief when after what feels like years you finally use up a jar of cosmetics and you can start using a new one that has been sitting there for a while, waiting for its turn? Or when something after many years or months finally breaks or is worn out and you can let it go with no bad conscience?

tn_watermarked-finallyI don’t remember when this little jar of lip balm was given to me. I’d say though it was several years ago. It was very smooth and nice and tasted / smelled of vanilla. I loved it. It was always by my bedside so I could use it before going to bed.

The thing with lip balms is that I don’t use the same one all the time. I have several ready to be used – beside my bed, beside Me Man’s bed, in my working purse, in my training purse, in my go-out-purse, at work… If I only have one I keep forgetting to take it along with he purse I’m currently using, so to avoid such a thing (that has happened to me several times already) I keep a set of everything I need like tissues, lip balm, hand cream and so on in every purse / location.

So of course – I don’t use the same things all the time, which takes them even longer then to finish up. And when I do finally finish up something, I truly feel relieved…

Isn’t it strange though? Why would you feel relieved? Is it just the joy of Continue reading

Friday Flow #39: Trading Work For Some Me-Time

watermarked-tn_autumn read 2

We are having an unusual mild autumn season. I mean, it’s november, and in some parts of the mountains temperatures rise up to around 23°C… These past afternoons the sun was shining and you nearly had the feeling it was spring time – if it wasn’t for the brightly coloured leaves on the trees all around you.

Last week the cold, foggy morning transformed itself into yet another gorgeous sunny day. And that’s when I made a decision: I was going to be out and enjoy one of the last possibilities of sunbathing outside before winter definitely takes over…

Most of my stuff at work was done, the most important things prepared or filed away. But I still stressed about and made a real early leave – of course, there is always more or at least something to do at work. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from what I wanted to do.

I had bought a sandwich to eat on the way back from work to Zürich so at least I could enjoy myself for a few hours without getting jiggy and nervous out of hunger (or, as I like that word, without getting “hangry” 😉 ). I thought of a good place where you could get a good hold of the sun – usually the “Gold Coast”, which means the eastern side of the Zürich Lake would be it – there’s sunshine there until it sets, not interrupted by any building or tree. The thing is – it’s usually very crowded and loud, specially on sunny days… And then, it hit me – watermarked-tn_sihlfeld cemetarythere was another spot I knew that would be easily reached by tram and bus where you could surely find a sunny spot to sit on peacefully: the Sihlfeld Cemetery.

You might think it a bit morbid to want to go relax to a cemetery, but the Sihlfeld is really a special place. It’s sort of like a park as well, and on weekends or sunny weekdays you see loads of families and people going out for a walk or having a rest there. It’s a really beautiful place.

I grabbed my stuff and walked around to find a sunny bench, when I found an even better place: a tree that looked as if it was exploding with orange and yellow leaves. The ground next to it wasn’t wet, and it was covered in a beautiful layer of dead leaves that isolated the cold of the earth and replaced the blanket I didn’t have with me to sit on.

As the sun was wandering in the sky, I kept shifting my spot on the ground as well. I started out leaning myself to the tree trunk, and ended up watermarked-tn_autumn readlying on the ground further off, nearly napping in the sunshine. It was a splendid afternoon and I soaked in every sun ray that touched my skin. I laid there, reading my book, and it was peaceful and quiet, and specially warm around me. I felt my batteries reloading…

It was a good decision! We sometimes take work too seriously… We sometimes try to do our best, at all times, to any extend… We sometimes put work ahead of our needs. I dared trading it – I dared listening to my needs and I’m still dreaming when thinking back of that gorgeous afternoon, it felt so regenerating!!! I shall keep this in mind and try to repeat it some other day…

How do you feel about leaving work early to do something you like doing? I’m aware that it’s not always possible to do so. I’m lucky that, to some extend, I can leave at certain hours if I really have something going on, but not always… I try to grab the opportunities when they show up, but it always depends on my work schedule… So how do you deal with leaving work – could you do that for something you like? Or would that be a total no-go for you?