Friday Flow #53: My Very Special April Fools’ Day

I am moving flats today. In fact – in a few hours. This is no joke, no April Fools’ prank… My whole life seems to be a joke right now so let’s be a little serious on this special day… 😉

It’s nearly 3am and I’m still amongst boxes and unfinished packing. I’m writing this before I might pass out because of lack of sleep of these last few weeks… Funny enough this is Friday Flow issue #53 – I just finished packing box #53 – and there are still a few left… I will not tell you how many unlabeled boxes and bags there are apart from the 53 boxes… I’m blushing by each box I’m packing – I can’t believe I have so much stuff!!! I mean, I’m a single person with a single household!!! I fear my boxes in the attic might have started to get babies and multiplied themselves because I clearly have no clue where this stuff all came from…

And I did throw away so.many.things…!!! And yet, I still turn up being a novice hoarder… Well yes, I just felt like sharing this big event with you today ❤ I am all over the place right now and barely have time to blog even though the ideas and plans are overflowing…! So bear with me for another little while and I will be telling you:

  • What I’ve learned in the process of moving houses under pressure
  • What Marie Kondo has taught me which helped me reflect on my shopping behaviour
  • The many things I got rid of since my last Brocki Bag 🙂

But now I shall go back to my boxes… I’m getting dizzy so it’s time to get up and move about. Meanwhile – share your April Fools’ pranks here with me! Do you celebrate this day? What kind of jokes have you done to others or have other done to you? I’m anxious to hear… Tell me all about it! 🙂