My 30-Day Minimalism Game Review

OMG – I thought I had long posted this post before but completely forgot to edit the pictures and actually post it *lol* 😛 So here it is – very late but hey, here it is 😀


…I did it!!! I still can’t believe it – but I did it!!! I managed to finish the 30-Day Minimalism Game *hooray* – And what a challenge it has been! Gee… It started out being so much fun but after the middle it like really started to freak me out, getting more and more challenging and difficult to keep up!

I won’t go on about the thoughts that went through my head during the process on this post (you can read about the process further down this post where I’m sharing the links). This is more about an evaluation of the Minimalism Game.

First of all – I thought it was going to be easier… Who’s with me on this one? I’m really proud I managed to stick through with it and not to give up! I can’t count how many times I’ve decided to just ditch it… Why do we do challenges? What do I have to prove? Nothing. That’s the thing – I did it completely and solely for myself. I feel it’s good to every once in a while try to stick through with things. We give up so easily in so many things in life, we’re not really used to bite ourselves through shit, just because we can. But for my own soul, for my own growth and strength of mind, I like to challenge myself every once in a while – because the feeling you get afterwards is priceless and surely worth it! A feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of pride and success – even if it’s a wee one.

As you know, I’ve been a Marie Kondo “student” for these past two years now. Her Konmari Method has gone viral over the last few years and most people I know have come in contact with it or at least heard about it. Trying to live to what her rules teach me was hard to combine with the Minimalism Game. Marie Kondo declutters by category. With the Minimalism Game, as I had already decluttered a few categories with the Konmari Method, I had to start looking for random things all over my home. I had no time to tackle another category all in all and combine it with the Minimalism Game, so it was very chaotic and also stressful at times, because I started scanning my home for things like a hawk… Maybe with more planning and time the both methods would be combined easily together and work well together. Keep a note for that for maybe next time 😉

One thing that really stuck to me of the Minimalism Game was the ability to take fast decisions about items. I do now not only ask myself if that particular item “sparks joy”, as in the Konmari Method, but also find myself just asking “do I really need it?” and taking a quick decision for it to join the Minimalism Game Pile – but wait – the Game has ended… So it just lands in my regular Brocki bag to be filled and eventually brought to the charity shop 😉

Thank you, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, for inviting me on this challenging journey 🙂 I can surely recommend this Game to anyone else interested on decluttering and on sticking up with a 30 Day Challenge! And who knows, I might start another round again some time 🙂

Read about the whole process of the Minimalism-Game here:

Day 1

Halfway Through

2/3 into The Game

And here are all 30 pictures of The Game – yay 😀 !

Have you done the 30 Day Minimalism Game yourself? Or have you done another decluttering challenge? Please do share your experiences with me below, I’d love to hear all about it 🙂 !!!