Friday Flow #57: My Little Mid-Week Treat

Ever since I started seeing the little Magnetic Words stuck at other people’s fridges and in so many hostels around the world, I’ve fallen in love with those little pieces. I always wished to have a set of those.

When I finally did find a set, I was living in an apartment with no magnetic fridge door (which is one of the most boring things there are on earth…^^ Who would design a non-magnetic fridge door anyhow?!). Two appartements later I still have no magnetic fridge door… But at least I’ve got my microwave set somewhere where I can easily reach to it. I decided to place my magnets there and to finally get creative and try it out properly.

I had with it!!! It was a great way to relax and come down after a long hard day at work, and I was just proud I actually just did it!

I then realized that I might have been pushed by this video by Jake Parker I found the other day – I was inspired to just finish the idea I had in my mind for so many years and was so content to have created something that it gave me a real buzz…

The whole project sparked an immense amount of joy❤. It made me feel good and happy. I can look at my poem every day and smile – because I did it! And I don’t specially mean the poem now, but the whole project! You can find it on my Instagram page if you like 🙂

I hope that you’ll get inspired by the video to go out there and just do and finish something you’ve had in your mind for a while. Enjoy the process – and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

SL-Week #02-01

Happy news – Sylvain Landry is back with his SL-Week photo challenges🙂 His first topic is “Selfie” – which I gladly join to get back into shape🙂

I remember trying out selfies with friends way back when cameras still had film rolls in them and the word didn’t even exist… I loved trying out things, perspectives, places and tricks.

The one I’m sharing here with you quite startled my friend and me – as we were walking down the street we realized we had a sort of halo around our heads… We both argued that the halo was around our OWN head so we took pictures of ourselves in turns and realized the halo was on both of us – she saw hers and I saw mine… It still startles us so if anyone knows the explanation to it don’t hesitate to share it here with me – your knowledge will be deeply appreciated😉


Kitchen Towels (Konmari Method)

I keep seeing all these before-after posts about the newly organized kitchen towels with the Konmari method and remembered I had done that as well but never shared it in a post with you. Since that moment made me so happy back then I still feel the urge to share it here, even though I don’t live there anymore😉 So, here is my personal achievement: ta-daaah!

watermarked-watermarked-kitchen towels before after KM

In hindsight I realized I should’ve taken a picture from the side to show how crammed the towels were piling up in a messy tower on the “before” picture. Meanwhile, I got rid of so many more towels and napkins, have an own spot for napkins (even a separate spot for seasonal napkins not often used) and I can keep my kitchen towel cabinet nice and tidy without anyone not supporting me in my Konmari journey. And again, dear Marie Kondo – it SPARKS JOY!!! Thank you so much for it ❤ !

watermarked-tn_my messy world new kitchenJoy in my new kitchen❤

Friday Flow #56: That Voice That Keeps Nagging You

The other day I was getting ready to go down to visit my mum. As I was choosing my clothes, I realized a voice picking at me all the time: no, these pants have holes, she won’t approve. No, this shirt is too casual. No, no tights as the cats will be all over you… I then realized that none of the outfits I would pick would bring me joy on that particular day, and that I wasn’t listening to my own needs of what I would love to wear the most for that particular trip.

Another time over that week I was home enjoying my weekend and sitting on my balcony, relaxing and literally bumming around not doing very much. That vicious voice came back and urged me to get off my bottom awatermarked-tn_my new balconynd go out and do something, now that it’s a nice day out. What a waste to sit in and not go out and explore, visit a museum, sit out in a park and relax, do a little trip somewhere and what not… The thing is – I was relaxing, sitting in the sun on my balcony. I was enjoying myself and the sunny day. I just didn’t feel the need to do that out there surrounded by random people or friends. I was perfectly content where I was and didn’t plan on moving. For the whole weekend actually…^^ Call me an introvert and antisocial, lazy cat, a lollygagger that doesn’t seize the day at all, or worse – the weekends… But the thing is: I was perfectly happy. And isn’t that what it is all about?

Why is it that we often have this little voice sharing its opinion about what other people will think about us? About what we might look like to the outside? Criticizing our looks, our behaviour, our decisions…? Why can’t we just relax and be ourselves and accept that that’s just the way we are?

I shouldn’t have to want to prove to anyone how active I am or what exciting thing I’ve done over the weekend. Even as a kid I was perfectly happy staying in, drawing, playing, crafting… It is the same kid inside of me, after all… It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the nature outside or never do cultural activities – but just that most of the time I’m just well at home, and that that is the place I can recharge my batteries best.

In my new situation now I even enjoy the weekends much more! Not having a partner urging me to get out and visit people, family, to actually do stuff… And also, this apartment brings me so much joy that staying in at home feels like heaven to me❤ So why bother about what others might think?

Funny enough, that same week I came across a lovely quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized anyway…

So I pulled out the ripped pants again and put them on. And if my lovely mum would start eyeing them, I would give her a big big hug and smile, and just let that comment go past me, for it is me I’m doing all this for🙂