Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Shadow

Shadows in photography is one intriguing thing for sure… I love playing around with them, with the textures and shapes and filters of my camera. But because I keep taking loads of those pictures I’m going back a step and share a few very unimaginative landscape photographs with you. But I just remember hiking through the park as the sun was slowly setting, and not being able to stop trying out a few shots with my camera as the shadows kept changing and making new images all in all. The first shot intrigued me most – a strange pole sticking out of the lake, its reflection and shadow making the image even more strange… I hope you enjoy these nature shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.
Taken in Glenveagh National Park.







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Weelkly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Early Bird.”

I’m not an early bird at all^^. I’m a night owl. I could stay up all night doing things. I feel more creative at night. You barely find me up and about in the early hours of the mornings ūüôā It is very, very seldomly that it happens. Only for special occasions, most of the time.

Like climbing Mount Sinai in Egypt to have a look at the sunrise. I cursed myself during most of the hike, repeatingly asking myself why on earth I would torture myself to do such a thing. My new hiking shoes were worn, but not worn for long enough, so I felt the blisters building up on my feet. But after all the effort and cursing, I was up on the top, happily awaiting the sunrise. And oh boy, what a sight, but specially – my camera-addicted heart skipped beats at the many beautiful sights to catch and behold forever.

Since I wasn’t able to participate on the last two Weekly Photo Challenges, I’ll share my three favourite shots of that early morning with you. I hope you enjoy them ‚̧

tn_watermarked-weekly photo challenge - early bird I tn_watermarked-weekly photo challenge - early bird II tn_watermarked-weekly photo challenge - early bird III

Early Bird