‘Mural May’ Is Back – The 2018 Edition!

I am delighted I managed to bring my lazy and busy bum here onto my blog again and hence introduce you to the 2018 edition of Mural May 😀 The thing is – I am kind of forcing myself now to do it… Not because I don’t want to, but because I am yet about to miss another deadline again^^ I realized the last Mural May has been two years – two years! Time has raced by as I was convinced I started this last year…^^ But apparently last year was not much better than this year since I had no time to launch the project again… or, to be fair, maybe also failed to photograph enough new murals for another edition 😉

Making myself sit down and do this once again also hopefully brings me back into a more regular blogging habit and might tickle me back into it, to try to make space again for writing and sharing and everything I’ve started to share here but failed to finish (like, specially how my Konmari journey is going…!).

Sometimes, it’s easier if you just start doing something. Sometimes, it’s good to do things just randomly, just for yourself, not for publicity but for fun. Maybe the memory of the last project not being launched properly and turning out differently than I thought held me back a bit. But today I’m thinking – feck it – I’m just gonna do this once again and that’s it…!

This will not be perfect. In fact – I didn’t learn a THING about launching a project properly as I presumed in my last résumé blog about Mural May 2016. But I’ll just go on with this (hoping to actually have a big enough selection to share this month!!!) and hope one or the other out there will enjoy this as well 🙂

Please feel free to join the challenge again this year!

=> go to the Mural May 2018 here:

tn_mural may 2018 watermarked big.jpg


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