Friday Flow #58: A Most Lovely Encounter


As I walked into my (beautiful ❤ ) home today and picked up my mail, my eye immediately caught a letter envelope – a rare find in mailboxes dominated by prospects and bills. As I looked at the stamp, I realized it was sent out from Zürich, and couldn’t believe I had already gotten this letter – mere two days after a lovely encounter I had just made… Let me tell you the story:

I meant to go into the city to pick up a few things and do some errands and sat on the tram after commuting back to Zürich from work. I was indulged in my book and didn’t realize I had missed my tram stop, so I got off and figured that the wee bit of exercise walking back to the initial bus stop would do me good. While walking back I passed a rather newly opened charity shop I had previously often seen when passing by with the tram. Since I’m on my Konmari journey I tend to shield my eyes from charity shops and Brockis and pretend they’re not there – because the outcome of such a visit is just too obvious and I’m trying to save a wee bit of money and declutter my home further. So I only glanced into the shop window but ah, it was beautifully decorated and had a few intriguing pieces on display, that I felt I should give it a go, just to see what sort of things they sold and to compare the quality and prices of them (it’s always good to stay informed about what’s on the market in charity shops, right 😉 ? ).

Inside, I heard a lady asking for mini salt and pepper shakers, but the shop lady couldn’t help her further. Funny enough – I had just bought a few of those for my friend’s Advent Calendar in another Brocki not too far away from there, so I was happy enough instructing the lady where she was most likely to find such items, which made her happy, and therefore made me happy again 🙂 (…see what I mean? It’s always good to stay informed about what’s on the market in charity shops, right 😉 ? )

I kept looking around and found myself sitting on the floor flipping through the vast and nice selection of books and old children’s toys and playing cards, which are always an interesting sight. Speaking of it – one particular set of a “Quartett” game had the theme of historical happenings. There was this one card that pictured the occupation of the country during World War II stating the dates “1939 – “. I noticed someone had neatly added a “45” with a sharp pencil. I pondered about the feelings of the person completing that information on the card and nearly bought the set because it touched me so, but thought about my dear friend Marie Kondo and put it back, keeping the memory of this locked in my heart. (because – what would I do with a Quartett game anyway?)

As I sat there looking at things I found myself enjoying the music that was being played – lovely baroque music, some of the pieces even known to me, and I picked up a conversation about it with the shop lady. We ended up talking all about the classical composers, the differences of harpsichords, the singers and performers, reenactment dancers and church recitals in several churches. I learnt a lot about this person’s interesting life filled with music and how she would choose to do just the exact same thing again if she were to live her life all over again. What a beautiful and lucky thing to be able to say, and I wondered how many people were lucky enough to be able to say so (would you…?). Believe it or not – but I stayed in that shop for over 1,5 hours…! We had the most lovely encounter and conversation, and she kept saying how life is full of surprises, which was exactly what was going through my mind. The conversation with that woman was most inspiring and I got out of the shop fully energized and happy (…and with a little vintage notebook and quizzical picture book as well… *sigh*). I had also left her my address so she could send me a few flyers and programmes of free music concerts in a church in another city, which I was interested to go and listen to.

So, mere two days after I met this lovely woman I got a handwritten letter with the current flyer and an older very interesting program about an old concert that took place. What a lovely and welcome surprise after this hard week of work – who would have thought I’d hear from her so soon? I am now looking forward to have a listen at one of those concerts in the future.

This whole happening was just another reminder that sometimes all you need to do is sit back and go with the flow, go along with things, and see what happens. Funny enough, a few minutes before I missed my tram stop I read a quote in the book I was reading saying:

…good things will happen to you, provided that you truly believe they will.

Oh, and the best thing? I was so touched and moved by the music being played in the shop that all of a sudden she plucked it out of the CD player and handed it to me as a present… Wow…!!! (So I was lying before – I got out the shop with a little vintage notebook, a quizzical picture book AND a classical music CD… 😉 ) I am now listening to the CD and am loving it. In the past few months I realized more and more how I should let music play a bigger part in my life again. I miss it, and I’m opening the doors to it again.

I hope you liked my little story 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!!!


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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