Half Way Through The Minimalism Game – Thoughts After Day 15

I’m half way through the Minimalism Game, a challenge I set to myself to try to reduce my stuff even more after still working on my mess with the Konmari Method as well.

According to the Minimalism Game, I now got rid of 120 items in two weeks. It seems like so much to me already, when I see that number! And I can’t believe it’s not really that much actually, because according to the game, I still have another 345 items to get rid of in order to complete the challenge and complete the 465 items…

I must say, as expected of course, the first week was quite easy and I surely felt very proud after every day I managed 😀 It started to become more and more tricky as the days hit the teens. I am now slowly but surely realizing the dimensions of this game and thinking to myself – gash, what have I done…^^ So far, I’m managing, yes… but I have deep respect for what lies ahead of me!!!

I had to adapt the rules a slighty bit because I can’t manage to get rid of all things every day by midnight. Sometimes, I have to accumulate them. Alas, my next Brocki isn’t less than 300 steps away from my home anymore, which makes it more difficult for me to plan my trips there so I just decided I won’t go through that hassle. I’m accumulating most of my things in my regular Brocki bags and will deliver it all to charity & the Brocki when time comes.

I also misunderstood a part from the game and didn’t include things I was throwing away anyway. So because of that, I’m turning this into an even more challenging game and exclude all items that land in the trash.

Gash, what have I done…^^

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