How To Get a Tidy Home Within A Day

There is a very efficient way of getting your home tidy within a day – it worked perfectly for me…!

Imagine, moving here a few months ago, I still have no dining table – either bought or set up… I could eat in the kitchen, and yes, I have had informal dinners with friends and family before, but depending on the amount of people that joined, it included moving the tiny table into the middle of the kitchen so that everyone could somehow squeeze in and sit at the table. It was cosy, yes, but not more than that.

The thing is, I knew exactly what table I wanted. I had seen it at this big furniture store most of us know so well. I knew it from the moment I saw it, that that was the table I wanted to get for my living room. But the store is quite out of the way and I usually went there with people who had a car. Then nobody had time to go there with me. I waited so I could go with someone, just because it’s more fun to do so. Then I waited some more because I was promised a voucher that would help me buy it. Then I waited again because I wanted to buy it online and found out I couldn’t, so I waited some more… Well, you get the story. Six months later I forced myself out of my home to catch the tram, train and bus to get to that store because it meant I could save another 50.- due to another voucher that was about to expire.

I managed to get there, pondering whether my avoidance to go there on my own meant I was more of an introverted and shy person than I thought. By the time I got there I was starving and got myself some fast food at the counter first, hating to be standing there, eating, on my own, but using the time to peek at the people going furniture shopping in an afternoon hour:

There were the parents shopping with their children that were about to move out for their first time. Bored dads (ok, so, what else do you need? Think, and put it in the cart…), excited moms (I think this would look perfect in that little corner you have between the front door and the bedroom, do you know what I mean?), young couples, probably moving in together for the first time (no way – do you really like that colour? – What’s wrong with that colour? – Nothing, but I was fancying something more simple. – Like what, grey? – Yes. – That’s so boring!!!), and elder couples moving in together after broken relationships (Ok, we won’t buy any of these today. – Why? – Because we have such different views and tastes that it would mean endless discussions about it…). Then there were the pregnant moms and young women that darted through the place on their own, knowing exactly what they wanted, and heading out of there as quick as possible. And then there was me – strolling around, observing, taking in all the tiny well kept beautiful bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms on display, wishing my home would look as tidy as them one day…

I managed to buy the table and – lucky me – I didn’t even need to haul it down from some unreachable shelf and shove it to the counter myself, since it wasn’t in the self-pick-up area 🙂 Trying to plan when people could bring it to my home, the best and only available date I had meant that no one was available to set it up for me. I figured I could probably manage it myself somehow hopefully and that I would save that money for something else, which suited me well enough.

Sure enough – a week later some fellas brought my lovely table over and set it on the ground, only for me to find out it was heavier than I thought it would be… It sat there on the ground, giving me a bad concience, me again having excuses, waiting for someone to help me set it up, for someone to borrow me the right tools, well, basically really just excuses…

Until last weekend! Every once in a while I over-spontaneously make plans with friends. I have this friend I meant to meet for ages now and never did. So I very spontaneoulsy invited myself over for a brunch she had promised me a while ago. Due to some house work being currently done in her appartment, she ended up inviting herself over to my place. I thought for a second but then agreed, only to find myself frantically making order in this place. And tackling that table sitting there on the floor.

Funny enough, I needed different tools for the set up which I owned myself and it wasn’t that hard to put together after all (…whew!!!). The lifting up worried me a bit since a few weeks ago I bravely wanted to shove the piano watermarked-tn_table-story-2over to the other side of the room and I underestimated the weight of it big time and found myself having a funny back… But the table was managable, barely so… at least better than the piano 😉

And would you believe it – for the next day, within about 9h of work (don’t ask me at what time I went to bed…) I had a gorgeous looking tidy living room 🙂 Well, take away those few boxes and things that I’m still trying to sort in the one corner, but other than that… 🙂 It really felt better, more like my home. There’s not much left now to tackle before everything being the way I visualized it at the very beginning of my Konmari journey. I realized how far I’ve come and how much I learned and really, how easy it is to tidy up if everything is in its place, and how much joy a tidy home can spark. And, most importantly, how a tidy home leaves you with lots of time for your hobbies and other activities you fancy more than the endless tidying.

watermarked-table-story-3 watermarked-table-story-4









I remember my dad watching me, nearly two decades ago, as I was pushing my stuff aside in my room when I had company over, and kidding, telling my friends they should get invited more often, because that’s when I tidy up my room. That simple observation he remarked years and years back was what I need to keep in mind and what helps you to tidy up in one go, very efficiently: go and invite a good friend you haven’t seen in a while 🙂 !

On a little side note: I just found this post, finished and ready since October 24th… I had meant to upload the pictures and post it… Well, whoopsie… 😀 😀 😀



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