A Very Magical Wonderful 2017!!!

As you read this, I might still be very much away from civilisation, probably freezing to death up in the mountainside… But the good thing about blogging is you can actually prepare your posts in advance 😉 Which is a very good thing for me since I came to the conclusion that I’m truly helpless regarding my time management…

But nevermind when I actually wrote this – I want to wish all people out there in the www, all fellow bloggers, followers, readers, passer-by’s, accidentally-clicked-on-this-blog-surfers and everyone else a very magical and wonderful happy new year 2017 🙂

I do truly believe 2017 has some great adventures hidden for us. It has to. 2016 was crappy enough out there in our world – tough enough regarding my personal life and emotional state of mind. Workwise. Financially. Time-management-wise…

Time-management-wise so so bad that the entry I prepared in my art journal last year is still blank…^^ I was going to fill those pages with my goals for 2016. Thinking that specially the beginning of this year was so hard and crap I left it aside and never managed to work on it the way I wanted anymore. And then there was no point filling those pages with goals when more than half the year was over already…^^

So this year I’m going to fill it with things I’ve done and reached this year. Focus on what mountain I managed to climb and take over, what problem I managed to solve, what nasty thoughts I managed to eliminate, what part of the past I managed to burn and leave behind.

I feel as if this year represents the Four Seasons to me:

Spring – Jan-Mar

An uprooted flower, ripped from the soil, nearly broken, struggling to survive

Summer – Apr-Jun

Trying to find ground and try to push past the hardened soil in order to survive and give the roots a chance to get a hold of things

Autumn – Jul-Sep

The roots finally getting a grasp and pushing through the ground, getting bigger and stronger every day, nourishing the flower bud. Finding myself

Winter – Oct-Dec

…blossoming… ❀

I’ve come a very, very long way this year. I’ve managed many things. It wasn’t easy. No, not at all. The road was rough and full of stones. But I feel stronger and more confident now. Never would I have thought last year this time that I would be and feel the way I do today: Safe. At peace. Independent. Happy. More me.

Yes, more me! I’m finding myself again actually. Hell, I had no clue I was so lost!!! I’m remembering what I really like and now go for it. I do not adjust to anyone else. I try out whatever I like to try out because it feels good and don’t have that constant fear creeping around me of someone putting me down, telling me it’s stupid / dull / wrong / bad and what not…

I realized this year that the relationship I had with The Man was more toxic than I thought it was. I realized how much he had crushed me down and taken away my self confidence and braveness. All that is gone now, and I can blossom again, fully, like a flower which was deprived of sun and good soil. That gives me strength. Optimism.

And that’s why I believe 2017 must be magical. I mean, look at the gorgeous  number 😉 It just has to. I am prepared and welcome any good adventure and surprise with open arms.

I am ready.

I hope so are you!

Happy New Year




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