Happy Christmas!

A very Happy Christmas and Season Holiday, wherever you are 🙂 I wish you had a wonderful Holiday surrounded by lovely family members and friends. How did you celebrate? What did you do? What did you eat 😀 ?

I must say I have serious issues with my time management… Good thing you can publish posts dating back. All these days I meant to keep you posted on things I’ve been managing and doing but aaah, work got in my way. Work work work. And it’s not that I’m becoming a workaholic, no, but rather that there are just things I can’t avoid anymore and need to be done. I was taking good care of myself, trying to handle it but still, Mr. Flu paid me an early visit this season and chained me to my bed for a whole week… the bastard!

Still, I managed to push everything aside and hide most of my mess in mywatermarked-christmas-mess-my-messy-world bedroom clean my mess up on Christmas Eve in order to receive my guests on my first ever hosted Christmas dinner.

Christmas dinner

That sounds pretty posh and good, doesn’t it… 😉 I must say I have to admit it wasn’t posh at all. But very “comfy”, as we like to call it here. Meaning “cozy”, “with a feeling of being surrounded by family”, “easy going”. I loved it, and so did my guests, which made me even more happy  ❤watermarked-simple-christmas-dinner-my-messy-world

And I have another great trick for you: if you start your dinner party early in the evening, it’s finished early in the evening as well and you’re left with lots of time to clean up, watch “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella“, relax, indulge in candles, tea, hot cocoa and pressies. Although this year I wanted to open them on Christmas Day (today). But I didn’t have time to open them…^^ My friends are kidnapping me to a holiday and I am trying to prepare and pack and finish things… I won’t have wifi up there in our cottage in the mountains for most of the time but hey, that’ll be a great experience as well 😀 And I might have time to sort things out and let my wonderful (ironic laugh) year pass by my mind again and mull over things. Sounds good to me, eh?

Happy Christmas again and enjoy your Christmas Holiday




2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Sandy! I hope you also had a lovely Holiday Season. Yes, it was very nice to be away from everything with no internet to get distracted from… Same to you, dear Sandy – may 2017 be very kind and wonderful to you ❤

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