How I Survived Buy Nothing Day

I’ve come across that idea a few years ago and loved it from the beginning! This was the first time I was able to mindfully participate in it. And you can’t imagine what I did to survive it…

The answer is simple.

It was so easy…

I wasn’t even tempted to go out and buy anything! Luckily, even without being organized, I had enough food to get by. Enough to take for lunch at work. Something was missing for my small break in between but hey, I improvised and got by.

Of course, commuting to work costs – I’d need a ticket. But I had already bought that, so I didn’t spend any money on transport either.

But the best part of it was to go through the day with that exact thought – not to buy anything – and keep that thought aside you. It’s not that it would be super hard for me now anyway since learning so much with the Konmari Method, but it was still very good to do this challenge mindfully.

I don’t understand all of these “Black Friday” sales that kept coming up all the time as ads all over the internet today (yes, even here in Europe… We don’t even have that!!!). I mean – it must come from across the Big Pond. And that’s something I find pretty strange – to celebrate Thanksgiving and be grateful for what you have – but then what, run out to the store the following day to buy more crap you don’t even need?!

Slow down, everybody, slow down… and please think twice before you buy something: do you really need that? Ask yourself again…


If the answer is still yes, well, then by all means, buy it. But trust me: most of the time, after holding it in your hand for a while and asking yourself that same question a few times – you smile and put it back. And the fact that it sparked joy for the time you held it in your hands is enough to keep you happy and satisfied, and even more proud because you didn’t spend money on something that you, if you’re truly honest with yourself, don’t really need…

Did you ever participate in the Buy Nothing Day Challenge? How was it for you? Or are you a Black Friday Sale lover? Tell me all about it, let’s share opinions  ❤


3 thoughts on “How I Survived Buy Nothing Day

  1. Black Friday doesn’t excite me, it just goes past me, but the idea of a day when you buy nothing is new to me and interesting. I have many of these days, accidentally, because I tend to buy my groceries to last me for a week and other than that, I’m rarely tempted to buy stuff. Which is assisted by the fact that I’m rarely in the shops 😉 Your buy nothing experience sounds good, looks like you made the most out of it!

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    1. I usually buy my groceries once a week as well, but I find myself back in shops often for salads and other fresh food that just won’t last the week. Last Monday I went shopping with a friend, like, THAT sort of shopping. In many shops I didn’t even enjoy going in or decided I’d get out sooner than usual because I was just fed up with that whole shopping attitude. It’s a new thing that came up creeping into my life these past few months. I like it 🙂


      1. Fresh food is awesome. Sadly, supermarkets in my smallish town usually don’t carry such fresh food as I’d like (I don’t get it how their vegetables, especially prepacked vegetable salads, are always old and half-rotting on the shelves, never fresh), so I pretty much resigned at trying to get fresh food and just go with long-lasting things that I can eat all week. THAT kind of shopping never was my thing. Like, browsing items in shops, windows shopping and such. I’m sort of glad, I guess I save money like this, but then it’s always quite a horror for me to go shopping when I actually need to buy some clothing items or shoes or similar. I’m hard to please, so it’s always a long and painful process…

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