Happy Birthday, Sylvain :)

birthday strawberry cakeA very Happy Birthday, Sylvain 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been a year since you’ve started with your SL – Week Photo Challenge? I remember being invited to one of the first weeks and how I’ve loved participating ever since… I would have loved to participate even more but my life has had some drastic challenges these past few months and I couldn’t join as much as I wanted anymore. I’ve always enjoyed entering though and loved flicking through the other entries, and I met some lovely bloggers through that – I think I’m not only speaking for myself here, so, thanks a whole lot for the inspiration and enrichment to our lives, Sylvain 🙂 You’ve done a great job in finding something new and interesting for every week! I surely hope you’d like to continue with your challenges as they make each others lives more colourful and happy 🙂

Here’s my birthday cake for you – a strawberry cream cake – home made, mind you…!!! Happy Birthday 🙂 !!!



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