Friday Flow #55: Digging Out Some Old Writing

Putting away some notebooks the other day I came across some old old writing of mine, some even from last century 😉 I hadn’t read through any of it in over a decade and it somewhat intrigued me. It all sounded familiar but still I could barely remember writing it. Does that ever happen to you? Let’s dig out some of that ancient stuff and share it here 🙂 Write a blog post and share your link here below with me – I’d love to read some ❤

Here’s my piece I dare sharing with you – the rest was either too dark or in another language 😉


The whole world stopped turning as the moon rose this night

trying hard to be like his sister

glowing like a red fireball

trying to warm up this broken world

but his strength wasn’t enough to brighten it all up…

…like a sun getting up at night to glance at this place

with a sad face on it

giving up…

…don’t we all sometimes feel this way?



A penny for your thoughts... <3

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