Summer BBQ Blogger Party, Sunday, July 31st 2016!

You are very welcome to join my very first Summer BBQ Blogger Party on

Sunday, July 31st 2016,

here on my messy world 🙂 Bring your dish, share your story, and get to know fellow bloggers from around the globe 🙂

How does it work?

Well, there are several ways you can join in. Here are the different options for you:

  • Share a story about your best summer experience
  • Share a song you can’t be without during summer
  • Share your favourite summer dish
  • Share a wonderful picture that represents “summer” to you
  • Share a DIY of a wonderful decoration that brings in summer into your home
  • Share your favourite summer outfit
  • or if you can’t nor want to do any of the above, just come by and say hello – there’s room for everyone 🙂


The rules?

  • On Sunday 31st of July 2016, any time, share whatever it is you’d like to share and attach my Party Icon in your blog post.
  • Link back to my Summer Party blog (either this one or the one on the day)
  • Post the link to your summer post in the comment section of the Party blog on the 31st of July
  • Feel free to roam around the other blog posts and be generous with comments or/and likes 🙂 This is your space to get to know each other 🙂
  • Browse through the blog of the person that posted before and after yourself and leave comments on at least 3 of their blog posts. (I will do so on the person posting first and last)
  • Feel free to invite all of your friends over – let’s make this a lovely party and enjoy ourselves together 🙂 !!!


Here’s the BBQ Party icon you may use to invite fellow friends and bloggers, and attach to your summer blog post:

I am very excited to host my very first Blogger Party and hope you’ll all feel comfortable and happy 🙂 Lets make this an enjoyable experience! I’m anxious to see what you’re willing to share on a summer blog and can’t wait to browse through your posts!

See you soon 🙂


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