Mural May 2016 Résumé

May made room for June and so my Mural May 2016 Photo Challenge finished. I’ve been working on this idea for a long time and tried different ways to do it in my mind. Finally I settled on the “Mural May” title and started to prepare the pictures, browsing through my photographs from home and abroad. It was so interesting to see the vast range of murals I had been photographing during these past years, and it was at times quite difficult for me to select the pictures I wanted to display for my daily challenge. Due to work and my moving situation I nearly missed the deadline but eventually forced myself to start it up, and from there on there was no way back. I went on with it and am glad I did – or else I would have had to wait until next May^^

I’ve had a wonderful blogger who shared her entries with me in the challenge (see here, here and here) and I would like to thank you, Mara, very much for your kind nudges and your solidarity 🙂 I am aware that I could’ve done much more publicity in advance in order to invite several photographers to this challenge, but I simply didn’t get round to do so anymore. But I’ve learned something for next time 🙂 Still, I’m very glad I tried this and also managed to make room for a platform to share my collected photographs of all sorts of murals 🙂

Posted photographs were taken in Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland, Greece, Germany, Bolivia, France and Switzerland.

I hope you enjoyed them, here’s a small gallery for you to see them all in one spot. You can also visit my category “Mural  May” in the photography section of this blog to find more information about each picture and read through the comments made for each blog entry.

Any thoughts on the project are more than welcome, I’m eager to hear 🙂 You may also post your own found mural photographs here in the comment section below, I’d love to see what other beauties there are in the world ❤

Thank you for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “Mural May 2016 Résumé

  1. You did a WONDERFUL job with this and I loved seeing your photos popping up in my Reader each day. It is a bit shame that your event didn’t get the publicity it deserved, but you did what you set out to do and now you have a great collection of photos that will stay on your blog even when the challenge has ended. So, all in all, I’d call it a success! Congrats 🙂

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