Friday Flow #53: Becoming Me Again

tn_watermarked-friday flow becoming meI’m one hell of a happy woman out here… I’m on a vacation. I can smell the saltwater of the sea and the turf.

I love it.

I couldn’t feel any happier.

I feel my batteries recharging and oddly, becoming “myself” again.

This is my vacation and I can do what I please, fill it with what I love.

This is my time.

This is my life.

Maybe all this needed to happen in order to set me free and go down my path again, stay true to myself.

I could come over here much more now that I don’t have to plan vacations together but only my own.

I could do all this and fill my life with music and landscapes and become a tatch happier.

I’m looking forward to this journey, gathering my pieces again from wherever the hell I lost them before…

I feel like I’m becoming the real me again, not some “me” to please anyone, not some “me” to hold back own priorities in order to live companionship, not some “me” to put others ahead of my dreams. Just fully & completely me !

I met this 66 year old lady in a pub last night. We were all hugs and chit chats. When she left, she hugged and kissed me and told me to grab life by its balls and feckin’ live it…!


I didn’t tell her any of my story. But sometimes I feel as if some things are said for a reason… ❤


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