When Cleaning Suddenly Becomes A Joy

It’s Whit Weekend and I got an additional day off work. Being so busy for the last few days / weeks I have been neglecting housework for a bit but today I was in full mood and swing to do some more organizing plus dusting and cleaning. And the thing was – doing so actually sparked joy…!!!

…because my apartment sparks joy, that’s the thing! I love it, it’s so bright even though it has been cloudy and rainy all day long. The tiles on the floor are bright as well and just everything about this place sparks joy, because it’s watermarked-tn_kitchen tulips mayme. Fully me. And the dirt I clean up is mine – not anyone else’s…

Cleaning my home also sparks joy because I know it won’t get dirty right after I cleaned it up. I’m not a person who cuts the bread and leaves the crumbs all over the place and on the floor… I’m not a person who is cooking meals and leaving the kitchen behind like a battle field with oil stains all over the wall… I’m not a person who carelessly eats on the sofa and leaves all sort of stuff on it, or even worse – walks around with food leaving a trail of crumbs behind me… I’m not a person who leaves half full cups of drinks distributed all over the flat, to be found and collected. I’m not a person who doesn’t rinse the bathroom sink after brushing the teeth… and more… And if I feel like konmari-ing my (kitchen) towels I know they will stay nice and beautiful even after I take some out again!

Do you get my point here 😉 ? I really enjoy living on my own and looking after my own mess only!

So I just vacuumed the floors which are empty of clutter in the hallway and kitchen, nearly empty in bedroom and bathroom and getting there in the living room. I cleaned out and dusted my vacuum cleaner (…maybe I won’t tell you anything about this episode besides the side note of a suggestion to do it every once in a while…^^) and replaced the filter and bag. In a funny way it felt very good and energizing as the old dust from my old life is gone now and the new dust in there will only be mine. I mopped most of the floors with rinsing water which is quite a piece of work but my flat now sparks even more joy since it’s nice and clean. I tend to mop much more here in this place – I’ve mopped a few times since I moved in here a few weeks ago. But I really don’t mind for the reasons above, and it was also due to the fact that I had all sorts of people over to do house work and bring furniture and fix things and I don’t like people walking around my flat in shoes… But this is just something that I noticed – I didn’t mop very often in my old flat, and suddenly I came to the realization that I might have called my old home “home”, but it didn’t really spark that much joy after all…^^

And the cool thing about cleaning up is that I have this hidden jewel here next to my front door where I can store all of my cleaning supplies and put them away straight after using them. Many people asked me about the vacuum cleaner which you see for most of the pictures on my messy room’s photo project – the problem being that we had no place to store it properly but somewhere above the kitchen counters which was really difficult for me to get to. I hated asking for help to get it down, so most of the time I just kept it in my room to be able to get rid of the dust clouds whenever I felt I needed to. But now ( – dramatic pause – ) now with my amazing cupboard I found a lovely new home for my vacuum cleaner which sparks joy and makes it utterly handy and easy to store it away and get access to it 😀

watermarked-tn_magic cupboard 01 watermarked-tn_magic cupboard 02


10 thoughts on “When Cleaning Suddenly Becomes A Joy

    1. Thank you! Yes, I feel I’ve learned a whole lot in the past few years 😀 It’s been a long time since I’ve been living in a flat on my own but back then I wasn’t as organized 😉 So this certainly is a new and enjoyable experience 🙂 And you know what? Because of this appreciation of ours I can now understand when people of older generations don’t feel like putting up with living together again with people… I think one can get so used to it and it would take a LOT to get back into it 😉 Don’t you think?


      1. Yes, you have a great point about elderly people often saying that they don’t want to put up with another person any more… The older one gets, the more one values one’s peace, I guess. I’m certainly this kind of person. I know how I am when I occasionally have someone visiting for a few hours – they throw my perfectly aligned things, like chairs and coasters, out of balance and it stresses me out. I’m unbearably particular 😮

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      2. Oh, it must be very difficult for you then when someone comes over and messes up your things! I have a hang towards it but not as you describe it. It’s more like I might not feel like putting up with certain manners of other people and their way of doing things anymore. The thought of it is kinda scary – to once become exactly like people I couldn’t understand 20 years ago…^^


      3. I’m OCD, so I spend much time rearranging things so as to align them properly. It’s rather annoying and time consuming. Good that you don’t have this obsession! You’re right though, we’re growing up and finding ourselves to be scarily like the people we didn’t understand when we were younger…

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      4. I can imagine it can be stressful – I have a tendency at times but can still control it. Then it’s obvious it’s getting stressful for you whenever people come over to your house! And yes – in many, many different ways I feel we are getting more and more like the people we thought we’d never be like… :-/ Scary!

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