Mural May 2016 – 14

watermarked-mural may 2016 - 14 glasgowFound in Glasgow, Scotland, 2016

Join me @ Mural May 2016 !


mural may 2016 header small


10 thoughts on “Mural May 2016 – 14

      1. Yes, Glasgow is my calling 😉 I’m glad to bring Banksy to your attention, I’m not knowledgeable in this topic, but I’m aware of his existence and I do enjoy his and his imitators’ pieces. They aspire to more than just graffiti.

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      2. Yes, thank you so much for it, really!!! So happy every time I get to learn about new and interesting things to me 🙂 I really like his work as well and all that style, I wish there was more around than just plain stupid scribbles of things that don’t mean anything…


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