Mural May 2016 – 09

watermarked-mural may 2016 - 09 zürichFound in Zürich, Switzerland, 2015

Join me @ Mural May 2016 !


mural may 2016 header small


6 thoughts on “Mural May 2016 – 09

    1. …wait until you see the sequel tomorrow 😉 I fell in love with these two the second I saw them and keep thinking what is said in the bubble in a cute girlie voice – i just can’t help myself 😀 Yes I’m surprised by how much lovely art on walls there is in this city, it makes me want to go explore more and more every day 🙂 Who knows, maybe there’s more out there where you live, but just hidden?


      1. I remember years ago I wouldn’t find many things to photograph, but it’s because I didn’t pay attention. Now when I look at the tiny pile of photographs taken during a holiday I shake my head 😀 I find interesting things nearly every time I go out – I always take my camera with me so I won’t miss them if I find them 🙂 Good luck in your treasure hunt 🙂


      2. I have the same feelings! It was not before I started to take pictures that I also started noticing details around me that I would otherwise miss. It’s not always something great and striking, but even tiny details can be nice.

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