Mural May 2016 – 03

watermarked-mural may 2016 - 03 glasgowFound in Glasgow, Scotland, 2016

Join me @ Mural May 2016 !


mural may 2016 header small


9 thoughts on “Mural May 2016 – 03

      1. I’m already looking forward to read about it in your blog 🙂 Indeed, I’ve also heard of people telling me all the time to beware of Glasgow… So I could guess what you mean. Unless you have other interesting facts in mind 🙂


      2. I’m not sure if I’ll blog about it (though it’s a good suggestion that I’ll keep in mind), it’s rather that I do Scottish literature and the Glasgow Novel is one of my favourites. Glasgow is such a peculiar place that it even has its own literary genre 😉 And yes, it looks like a city to beware at times.

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      3. Is that the name of the book or the name of the literary genre as you described? And if so – what book would you suggest to read 🙂 ? Sounds very intriguing!!!


      4. The Glasgow Novel is a name of the literary genre. While I’m so flattered that you’re interested, I wouldn’t really recommend it… It’s mostly working-class novels written in a heavy dialect, and it’s about booze, violence and such nasty things. So steer clear! On the other hand, if you like detective stories, you might like William McIlvanney’s Laidlaw, set in Glasgow. It’s not too ugly or too heavy a read. Other that than, I’m ashamed that I can’t really think of anything suitable for a casual read 😮

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