A Daily Piece Of Peace

tn_home is where the heart isYesterday was the first day in felt ages that I could actually really sleep in. Sleeping in the sense of – sleeping until you just can’t take it no more… I was in a desperate need of that and wasn’t able to due to my recent situation I was going through and due to illness during vacation (who wants to sleep in during vacation anyhow if there are so many nice places to explore?! But that’s another story…). I thoroughly enjoyed it and it just did so good! I feel peaceful at home, safe, happy…

This is my little quiet haven I am creating for myself and can do whatever I feel like. This feels like home again… I nearly got all of my furniture and can finally start unpacking and organizing. I bought myself a massive closet which cost me a whole lot of money but I felt like treating me to this massive monster in order to have everything fit in there and nothing on the floor anymore. I decided I’d stick with the loving term of “Monster” for a name for it 😉 So there are still a few pieces missing but it will eventually be delivered and finished. I am slowly filling it, trying to assign a “home” for every item and piece of clothing. Sometimes I feel like bumming around though. And I just do… Without hesitation. I have no stress and urge to get everything done, I’ve had enough stress during these past few months, so if I feel like flicking through a magazine or just sitting around on my new bed contemplating my new home, I just go for it. No excuses needed. No justifications either. And just the feeling of utter joy for having the luxury of doing so.

Another thing that has brought me a massive amount of joy is my new big bed, not crammed in a corner anymore. It literally urges me to shake ttn_made bedhose blankets every morning and let them slowly fall onto the mattress. I haven’t been doing my bed regularly since I was forced to during my exchange year nearly 20 years ago. But the difference is that now I do it with love and now it gives me a great feeling of welcomeness when coming home and seeing my white and broad new beautiful bed. I’ve read and talked quite a lot with people about making your bed in the morning and what feeling that brings with it and now can only understand and agree. Which is why I wouldn’t consider putting a bed in a corner anymore – somehow that position blocks me from wanting to do the bed. As for in my teens – well I was just lazy back then 😉

So yes, I’m creating my lovely new home around myself, with light and bright colours, open and ready for the new and happy to feel a peaceful calmness every day when I get home from work. And I am utterly grateful for that ❤


4 thoughts on “A Daily Piece Of Peace

  1. Funny you mention the bed positioning, I have been thinking about that lately. I share a room and with the minimal space, pushing the bed into the wall is the only option. But I would like my bed to be in the middle if I move house. It just would feel less … crammed and thus more comfortable. I would probably fall a lot though 😂

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    1. Yes, I don’t know why but I know exactly what you mean! This new position makes the whole room feel sooo different and, hm, light? Than when I used to have the bed on the corner. I only realized how much of a difference it makes when I started to think conciously about it! I hope for your next home you’ll be able to fulfill that dream of yours 🙂 And don’t worry – I don’t think you’ll be falling much 😉

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