New Interactive Photo Project Launch: Mural May 2016

For many months I’ve been thinking about launching a special interactive photo project, and I’m very happy now to start with Mural May 🙂

Everywhere I go I keep running into beautiful murals which I love to photograph. Now is the time to share them with you and for you, hopefully, to share your captured murals with me and all the other readers!

I would love for any interested person to join into this project running for the whole month of May 2016 🙂 Whether you just photographed a specific mural or you would like to share your murals you’ve created, it doesn’t matter as long as it is art on a piece of wall 🙂 Here are a few easy rules to consider when joining:

  • You are allowed to enter any type of artwork that is painted on a piece of wall.
  • Please label your picture / post with “Mural May 2016” and the day you’re entering your picture.
  • Explain somewhere where and when the picture has been taken. You are of course allowed to enter very old photographs – so now’s the time for you to rummage through your old files 🙂
  • If you feel like it, share a little story about how you created / found this mural.
  • You may enter in as many days as you like. Please limit yourself to one entry per day though.
  • If the artist of the mural is known to you, please also give credit to the artist as well.
  • Please use the small Mural May 2016 title picture below to attach to your post and create a pingback to this post here.
  • Last but not least – comment on my Mural May post of the day you’d like to enter by leaving a link to your own entry. Please only enter on the corresponding day – don’t enter on older days!

mural may 2016 header small

Very much looking forward on seeing your mural photographs 🙂 !!!

Wish you a very happy month of May to you all 🙂

* Mural May 2016 title picture art credit:

46 thoughts on “New Interactive Photo Project Launch: Mural May 2016

      1. Already found it – LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much again ❤ Keep sharing more – I love seeing what people in other countries paint on their walls 🙂 !!!


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