Trust me when I tell you…

…that I don’t have much time left for my blog at the moment 😦 And here’s the proof:

watermarked-tn_two shoesDo you notice something? Well, I didn’t until I got back from where I went to, several hours later…^^ I had hurt my foot at training a few days before that so I didn’t think it awkward that it felt different to my other foot all in all. Needless to say it was not only due to the injury but also to the fact that I walked out of home with two different pair of boots…!!! I should consider changing my blog name into “my messy life”…^^

Nice enough though to be greeted by my blog feed today telling me that my stats are booming and that my site is getting lots of traffic! However that works, why can’t it work in other stages of my life as well?! But it made me smile and stick out my chest a bit more with a proudish feeling 😉

Let me give you a brief update on my messy life, I’d say you deserve that 😉 :

Best thing ever straight away – I found an apartment…!!! Seriously!!! In Zürich!!! This was only possible after I started to be permanently online, updating the sites to check availability and new flats, trying to write minutes before the person even knew they would post an ad in order to get a viewing appointment… you get me – it was a complete horror and hassle 😦 Besides all that I had to fight with my feelings, low self-confidence, work (which is pretty bad in January^^), health issues (everyone getting the flu around me), The Man constantly demanding things and not understanding that all I wanted was to be left alone, and on top of that: bad weather. Nargh. It wasn’t pleasant at all, I can tell you…

But sometimes things turn out quite great for you when you least expect it. I got a viewing appointment of an apartment where the ad wasn’t even available anymore because it had been so long since it was published and the viewings were full. The lad had been on a vacation though so I was quite surprised to get an appointment after all on an ugly rainy Sunday afternoon.

I made sure to be the first one there and thought the building looked a bit run down from the outside, but was quite pleased when I got into the apartment. It looked renovated, and it was, after all, the very first apartment (after viewing 20+) that held everything I needed or thought was important to me. I went for coffee with my mother afterwards and got back home in the late afternoon. In order to get my application sent that day, I couldn’t just put the letter in the mailbox as it was too late, so I needed to get to the main postal station which would still vacate the mailboxes until later that Sunday night. Funny enough, a storm started to come up and the rain was pouring down. I was feeling sickish, with a runny nose and was cold all the time, so I decided that I would not walk through that storm to post the letter but, lazy me, would try to get it sent per e-mail.

I had never done that before and oh yes, it was quite some struggle! First the scans wouldn’t convert into PDF files. Then the files were too big to be sent… and so on… It was about 10pm when I finally got to send the application, thinking I had no chance at all anyhow and feeling sick and bad and cursing everything…

Can you believe a few days later some lady called me to tell me they’ve checked me thoroughly (don’t look surprised, that’s what they usually do here^^) and that they would like to give me the apartment? She said that they got an immense amount of applicants but that my application was the first one…^^!!! Karma?! Whatever it was – I embraced it with open arms and happily screamed into the poor ladies ear…

So yes, happy enough that is sorted. But that thing being sorted brings a whole lot of further things to be sorted. Plus The Man still nagging about this and that and acting childishly in many occasions… But that’s another story.

Let me tell you that I look forward on spending more time on this blog when time comes, that I can’t wait for projects to kick off and that I have lots of things to tell you about my messy room, organizing and the Konmari method <3.

Till then – stay safe ❤ !


6 thoughts on “Trust me when I tell you…

    1. Thank you dear! I truly can’t wait to get the heck out of here…^^ Yes, they check you…!!! They call your boss and ask if you really work there, how much you earn (…) and so on… Then they call the old landlord… Then maybe also another reference of yours… And then you also need to hand in a form that tells you don’t owe anyone anything, and that form cannot be older than 2 months or else you need to get a new one… which costs money… 😉


      1. That’s bordering on violation of one’s personal rights… I don’t think background checks like this are legal here. I’m sure my landlord didn’t do any check on me, I signed the contract the same day I saw the flat – there was nothing to wait for, flats are scarce.

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      2. …WOW – the same day you viewed it?! I don’t think that would ever be possible here *lol* Switzerland is a very complicated country… 😉 I still get stunned every once in a while when hearing about stuff I didn’t know about^^


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