Friday Flow #52: About Anticipation

Anticipation can be a great thing. It can fuel your soul when you’re feeling a bit down. It can make your heart go bum-bum-bum when you’re thinking of an upcoming event. It can make you smile and feel happy when you’re surrounded by difficulties in life and are having a hard time…

Therefore I feel it’s very important to constantly keep a thing or two scheduled that make you feel that way, that you can look forward to. Life would be pretty dull without those things, and nearly unbearable…

I’m lucky enough to have a handful of such events coming up in February, March and April. Mostly short trips abroad where I know I’ll be surrounded by amazing and lovely people. Events where I know I’d feel at home and happy attending things or spending time with people I care. The more I schedule these things, the happier I start feeling. Even though my situation at the moment can be quite tough, those scheduled events lift up my spirits big time and make me want to go on. I’m utterly grateful for that, for the pwatermarked-tn_old and new plannerpossibilities I have to do these things, for the fantastic people I met to be able to do these things with them.

The funny thing is that many events can also get inspired by social media. One person writes about an event and wants to join it. Another person joins. Until, seeing the bundle of great people that are about to go there, inspires you to also join the crowd and the more people join the merrier we all get 🙂 Mass-anticipation among friends… What a fantastic feeling to accompany you through these days ❤

I wish you loads of beautiful events coming up in 2016 ❤ Hopefully they might fill your heart with sweet anticipation as well! Share your events and stories here with me if you like – I’d love to hear ❤


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