A Year Of A Messy World

My Messy World’s birthday quietly slipped past me – oh dear! Happy be-lated birthday then 🙂 What a journey this has been… (Well, what a journey these past two months have been!!! But that’s a whole different story…^^).

I started blogging late January 2015 out of mere curiosity. I’ve always liked writing and having a homepage always sounded kinda cool to me, but I never knew what exactly I was supposed to share with the world, my ideas were all messy and all over the place and I wasn’t familiar with html so I just stuck to other regular easy pages featuring art or forums of all sorts.

I first heard about a “blog” in 2004. I looked into a blog of a former friend but it seemed to be more of an online diary, which didn’t suit me either. These past few years I’ve been reading more and more about it: subject-related blogs of all sorts, and the idea sounded more appealing to me. Naggin in my brain for a few months (or years? Who knows?) I grabbed the oportunity when I found myself starting the photoproject of my messy room (the endless tidy-up challenge) and thought I could give blogging a go and write about my messy room and how I’d be trying to get it organized again. Silly, somehow, thinking back…

I mean – who would have thought that anyone would be interested in my mess?! And more so: who would have thought that there are so many people out there like me trying to get their stuff organized?! That was even better 😀

My goal was to get to know people with similar issues and we’d help each other to get organized. Besides that, I’d write about the hidden beauty in our every-day life (to be found in my Friday Flow featurette) and with time I even found a niche to post my photographs by joining photochallenges of all sorts.

This blog has brought me so much joy, and I’ve learned so many things so far! But mostly – I am just grateful for all the lovely bloggers I’ve met here and their stories I was able to read, that inspired me, made me laugh, think, giggle, sad… Blogging has truly enriched my (messy) world so far and I’ve learned so much and grew so much through it…

I’ve got some plans and ideas for my messy world in 2016. I hope I’ll be able to stay focused and keep spending enough time on the blog! Life’s a mess right now, but I sure want 2016 to be a big, good year 😀

I wanted to thank all the fellow readers out there – thank you for all of your time you’ve taken to read or even comment on my posts. I truly appreciate every single visitor and it’s beyond my imagination that I’ve ever gotten so far within a year (well, not THAT far but to me it is quite far I must say!!!)

Thank you…!!! ❤


Here are a few stats facts for you:

  • Total posts: 207
  • Total visitors: 5 234
  • Total views: 14 207
  • Total followers: 143
  • Best view ever: 190 (January 18th 2016)
  • Most popular day: Monday (19% of views)
  • Most popular time: 4am (7% of views => …must be the time zones 😉 )
  • Top 3 countries with most views: USA, UK, Canada 🙂
  • Most popular post:      The Big Closet Purge
  • Least popluar posts:   Friday Flow #34: Discovering Local Artists

Wordless Wednesday, January 16th 2016

Silent Sunday, December 15th 2015

Wordless Wednesday, December 30th 2015

Silent Sunday, May 17th 2015


9 thoughts on “A Year Of A Messy World

    1. Thank you very much Jeff 🙂 Really?! Wow, that’s quite shocking…!!! How long have you been blogging for? I guess it can get kind of hard to keep up with it but as long as you have the ideas rolling in you should be fine. Oh, and time can become a problem, yes 😉


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