Friday Flow #51: About “F**k, It’s Friday” And The Blackbird

This afternoon while riding on the bus I was happily looking out the window when I suddenly realized “F**k, it’s Friday!” and I hadn’t prepared my weekly featurette – as it already happened a few times before… I made a mental note to write about something just the minute I’d get back home from training later in the evening…

That was half an hour ago, past 11pm, and I only just remembered it again with a second “F**k, it’s Friday!”… I got a few minutes left to tell you a nice story…

The thing is, just this morning something happened which made me so happy – so happy I felt it was worth sharing here on a Friday Flow issue with you fellow bloggers ❤

This morning while walking to my bus station I heard The Blackbird sing for the very first time this year! It was such a happy, cheerful song – happier than last year (it might also just be another bird^^), but I like thinking that it was the same bird as it was sitting up on the exact same spot on the corner of a balcony railing up on a fifth floor where I usually found it every morning and evening this past summer, greeting me or welcoming me back home. It sounded as if he was just happy to be back here and he was so joyful and lovely that I instantly smiled and listened for a while. It somehow made me feel that everything was going to be alright… ❤

As I know that many of you live in different corners of the earth, I really do hope you’d get to hear the blackbird’s song one day in your life. It is such a cheerful, beautiful song it automatically lifts up your spirits. They usually have an own sort of funny tune to their song – the one in front of the house I grew up in had this funky whistle going sharply up and back down again, dragged on for about two seconds – I used to laugh out loud in my bed at four o’clock in the morning when waking up to his song 🙂 Haven’t heard such a funky one since but they all have their special songs… Here’s a video of a blackbird singing, for those of you who don’t know it:

I hope you enjoy it! Have a lovely weekend ❤


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