Wordless Wednesday, January 27th 2016

watermarked-wordless wednesday 27.01.2016


26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, January 27th 2016

      1. Charming indeed… How is it with laundry facilities in Switzerland, is it as in the US, common laundry rooms in the cellar, or like in my country, where everyone expects to have a washing machine in the flat? Just wondering…

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      2. It depends, really. If you live in a house, you’d have your own laundry room. I was lucky enough that in my last flat I had my own washing mashine in the kitchen!!! Here we’ve got a common laundry room in the cellar to be used for all 4 appartments in this house. Most flats would have shared ones in cellars. The flats with the mashines in the appartment itself are very much sought after! And tend to be more expensive… 😦


      3. I see! That’s interesting. I wonder if it’s for reasons or space or if it’s cheaper to build houses without washing machine outlets in each flat. Here even the tiniest and cheapest starter flats have a washing machine outlet as standard equipment. You’re more likely to get cut on a proper stove, which isn’t a standard. I’m extremely lucky and happy to have everything I need.

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      4. Wow, really? It’s interesting to see where the priorities are 😀 Oh I bet – I’d be happy to have everything in my own appartment as well, as I once did a few years back! The luxury of it…!!!


      5. …I know!!! I couldn’t believe it either… I mean, you adapt to stuff like that maybe up in some old mountain houses or such, but not in your own flat… At least, not in Mainland Europe I’d say! But there are always funny surprises out there…;)


      6. …although you know what? I am still utterly stunned about most Irish places – they have two taps – one with icecold water, another with burning hot one… try to do some serious washing like that^^ Unbelievable 😀 😀 😀


      7. …exactly!!! That’s what happens to me all the time as I curse whoever invented that under my breath while doing so… maybe we shall watch some locals and get enlightment then…^^ 😉


      8. …it could be that they have a spare set of sink that they use behind a secret wall with ONE tap so they don’t have to share with us foreigners… And then they have installed hidden cameras to watch us try to get along with the two…^^ It could be we’re all on some comedy TV show in the isles!!! 😉


      1. Maybe I will share it:) thanks for the idea! Photography is great fun really:) I used to do it as one of my school subjects! It was raining today so I went outside and took some pictures of flowers with droplets on them!!!:) also made my room really dark and took some creepy doll pictures!! With special lighting and then I edited them- so cool!:) Happy blogging!

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