Friday Flow #50: My Best Mood – Lifting Song For You

Don’t you know that – you feel kinda sad, low, hollow – but then there’s always that one song that makes you forget about all of your troubles and makes your bottom jiggle until you bounce happily on your seat (or around the room?). There are many many songs that lift me up like that, but this particular one has managed to do so quite a lot these past months and I’d like to share that one with you here ❤

I haven’t found anything of the sort on the internet, alas, so I’ll have to be the pirate uploading it 😉 I just do it for the purpose of sharing the joy that song has brought me and will hopefully bring to one or the other reading this. It has this certain melancholy touch but yet is so happy after all… Briefly translated, before the chorus the lad sings

“…we’re lucky there is love, we’re lucky there’s liquor, and we’re lucky there’s the nocturne of Chopin… so let’s sing…”

I specially love the two beats after they finish singing the “lalala”-part, two beats with the synthesizer that makes you want to shake your bottom to one and the other side… 😉 What could ever make you happier than dance and shake your hips and booty 😉 ?

The song is based on Chopin’s Nocturne in F minor (Op. 55 no.1) and taken from a soundtrack of this French movie called “L’incruste” (“the incrust”) – a movie that made me laugh out loud quite a few times. The whole soundtrack is worth a go – it’s truly a soundtrack you could listen to just like that as it is so varied and just put together amazingly. 15/10 I would say 🙂 (have a look at the preview here if you’re interested)

I hope you like the song as much as I do and that it will lift your spirits whenever you feel down ❤

What songs do lift your spirits up when you’re feeling down? Share them here with me, I’d love to listen to them ❤


6 thoughts on “Friday Flow #50: My Best Mood – Lifting Song For You

  1. Hiiiiiiii! How are you!? Lovely post. I just thought I would ask if you are aware that I have sent through an email to you about 4/5 days ago? It is in regards to an interview. Let me know soon if you got it, just so I can finish organizing the segment. Thank you! Happy blogging:)

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