Friday Flow #49: Keep Calm – Keep Straight!

These days I feel like in a bad movie… I feel like one of those skipjacks that keep bouncing back. You smack them with your fingers – WHOOSH!!! – they seem to fall but stand back up again, a frozen smile on their face.

Last Wednesday I went to have a look at the first flat I found to be reasonable. I was 25 min. early and decided to slowly stroll to the place and maybe have a look at the neighbourhood, killing time… When I got closer to the flat and the entrance, I realized there were at least 30 people waiting there! (WHOOSH!!!)

queue of applicants AFTER I got out of the viewing... Notice the line going up the stairs... PS: queue kept going on for longer on the sidewalk^^
queue of applicants AFTER I got out of the viewing… Notice the line going up the stairs… PS: queue kept going on for longer on the sidewalk^^

So I changed my pace from strolling to rushing to the end of the queue hoping for the best… Behind me, people were adding to the queue by the seconds – I am not kidding you! Ten minutes before the scheduled visiting time the flat owners had mercy with us standing in the cold and opened up the door. I ended up waiting on the staircase somewhere on the way to the flat. After less than three minutes, the first visitors came back down saying there were no application forms left anyhow… (WHOOSH!!!) It was absolutely devastating! I waited patiently though until it was my turn to enter. At least, people behaved and nobody pushed around – the British would’ve been proud to see that!

After that, I went to have a look at another flat which was the complete opposite as the woman was looking for a flatmate and only invited a few applicants to get to know each other. The flat was very charming, gorgeous to say, with a terrace overlooking the old town of Zürich and a gorgeous view to the University. An own balcony overlooking a church – lovely! Just… In the 4th floor with no lift (WHOOSH!!!). Just thinking about moving my mess down my flat and up there made me very, very tired. And what if it doesn’t work out with the lady? ^^

Tired, hungry and full of impressions I went home, stopping by at a Starbucks to treat myself with a cheesecake (what else…^^). Back home I broke into tears, reading a message of The Man’s mother (WHOOSH!!!). I didn’t even feel like eating the cake anymore 😦watermarked-tn_cheesecake

Surfing the internet and looking for more flats I stumbled upon an A-MA-ZING looking bright beautiful flat seemingly right around the corner from where I live now. It seemed to be THE perfect place! As it was latish in the evening I texted the lady to get a viewing appointment. Then, just to make sure as you never know with texts, I e-mailed her as well. By the next day at 1pm I hadn’t heard anything from her, so I went on and called her. She immediately dismissed me, stressed out, saying that she kept getting calls, texts and messages every 10min or so and all the viewing appointments were already taken (WHOOSH!!!). There was nothing to be done, I realized, as she vehemently told me she won’t take any more people into her flat, I shall try back again if the ad was still up in a few days (WHOOSH!!!).

The next flat I visited was also charming and gorgeous, further away but pretty. The lady explained a bit about it (I got through the pre-selection of the visitors and shared the appointment with 7 other applicants) and went on to sum up all the really charming aspects of the flat, which I could all live with. Until she mentioned the one tap in the bathroom with cold water only (WHOOSH!!!)… I just could not live in a place with only cold water to splash on my face every morning! 😦

Back home, The Man keeps nagging and demands we talk, talk, talk… Not understanding I plainly have no energy left to discuss things right now we end up fighting (WHOOSH!!!).

I remember that the search for a flat in Zürich would be a struggle. A battle. That you need nerves for that – galore! I knew I would shed tears and it would take an immense amount of my energy. I barely have any left…

It’s not that I’m utterly picky about the flats. But in another way, I don’t see why I should waste time and energy to move into an ok-flat just to be moving again after a few months… I just don’t have that energy to do so! There are some aspects I am truly looking for, like brightness – that would be a must after three years in a darkish apartment. It is just something I realized gave me a hard time. The last flat I lived in was in the third floor, flooded in light! And I was so happy back then! I learned to listen to my needs now and I want to keep those needs in mind when choosing my next place to live, because I matter!

I need to keep my stuff together, keep calm, and carry on. There are loads of issues going on right now at home (WHOOSH!!!), at work (WHOOSH!!!), with my hobbies (WHOOSH!!!)… All of them suck me up, and I desperately need some time to recharge my batteries… The only thing I keep saying to myself is to keep breathing, straighten myself up like the skipjack and keep going. Sometimes, that’s the only thing you got left to do in order to make it…



7 thoughts on “Friday Flow #49: Keep Calm – Keep Straight!

    1. That’s a very good question, dear Mara… I have no clue!!! I don’t know if it’s that maybe everyone living in the suburbs rather want flats downtown and search along… 😦 Thanks a lot – I’m bracing myself daily, more or less 🙂

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      1. This kind of posts always help me to put things into perspective. I should be more grateful that I’ve found a place to live in and live in relative comfort. I wish the same coming true for you soon too!

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      2. My problems are by far not the worst but hard enough to take for me at the moment. We shall always be grateful for what we have and how we’re living. It’s not that I will end up on the street in a few days or so – so I’m lucky! Thank you Mara. I am positive I will eventually find a nice place to live in, I just cringe when thinking of the stony rocky path going there… 🙂


      3. Oh well, there are always people who are worse off, but it’s certainly a lot of pressure to be on a home hunt. Especially under such conditions in real estate as in your city. Stay positive, though, that’s the way to go 😀

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