Repairing Vs. Buying New

My desk lamp made me the honour to give up on its bulb precisely on January 1st 2016. The poor thing… But why oh why did it have to do this to me on that date? I was all motivated and happy to start a new year full of resolutions when she just wouldn’t give me any light…desklamp messy world

By looking at an old picture I found that she’s been working for me for over 11 years now. Good girl! Hard working lass! So I was generous and decided I’d repair the bulb or more like – try to find a new one and replace it. I must say I never had to do that before with such a strange-looking bulb, but it wasn’t hard. It just took me forever.

I had to:

  • unwire the cable of the lamp from the mess down my desk to take it away
  • find a screwdriver tiny enough to open up the glass top
  • take out the bulb without breaking it
  • have a close look at that weirdo thing and try to figure out the name of it. In the end just packed it along^^
  • find a store that would actually sell those things
  • try to figure out if I had the correct one
  • ask a salesperson if it was really the same one because the nose of the bulb looked slightly different
  • find the nerve and time to sit down and start the operation
  • try to insert the new bulb without breaking it
  • curse the salesperson and find out that the nose of the bulb indeed matters because otherwise it’s too long for the glass
  • try to fix the glass on top of that again
  • see if the lamp works again
  • put the lamp back on the desk and find a way to connect it again avoiding the cable mess under my desk

Now, 10 days later, my desktop lamp is back on its spot and we’re both happy to be able to work properly again. Yes, these steps might be blown up a wee little bit by me but you must know – I’m a very (very!) lazy person (note the little picture on the above photograph I even stuck to my wall if you don’t believe me…) And I must also admit that it did cross my mind to just put the poor lamp into a Brocki bag for someone else to fix and just buy a new one, which is not that expensive anyhow…

But that is the problem of most of us – we’re too lazy to deal with repairing things. We rather buy new ones. And now ask yourself where that leads us…^^

Talking about it, let me share another link with you I only shared on my facebook page so far – it shows you great ideas of how to recycle & reuse stuff:

How about you – do you tend to just trash things or are you a fixer? What do you do to recycle and reuse things? Does it take you long to finally get something fixed as well? Share your stories here with me ❤


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