Friday Flow #48: The Love Of Donating

I don’t know where I got the love for donating from. It’s always been within myself and I’ve always loved making other people happy, specially other people that weren’t as rich or fortunate as us “westerners”.

I remember way back in Junior High School when we were told we could pack some little parcels for children in the Balkan for Christmas. It was about the time of war. My friend and me were literally robbing our parents of their stockpiles of toiletries! I remember hijacking soaps, tooth brushes, tubes of toothpaste and much more out of that drawer to wrap it in beautiful paper and put into boxes together with stuffed animals and other things I had no need for anymore and were still pretty. I was watching the pile of presents grow beneath the Christmas tree we set up at school for that with mere fascination, and couldn’t wait to go home to make it a bit bigger.

That urge or want to help or donate or give somebody something pretty stayed with me throughout my life. It’s not that I try to buy myself a ticket to Heaven or such (if there is a heaven 😉 ) but it’s just that it makes myself very happy and I find it utterly fulfilling to see someone else smile and feel thought of, loved, cared for.

The other day it was rather hard to make someone happy though 😉 I got a big cake I knew I would never eat, all beautiful and nicely wrapped, so I felt I’d go out to the main station where the homeless people usually hang around and donate it to someone and wish him / her a Happy New Year. I was on the tram and saw this man – my perfect target! Rugged, saddish, carrying his cardboard and rucksack of stuff, just about to root through the garbage for street decor zürichwhatever he found in there… I approached him saying “excuse me – ” but I don’t think he heard the rest (“I would like to give you something!”) as he was muttering and cursing me, shaking his head and turning his back towards me, walking off while looking at the newspaper he’d just taken out of the garbage… I was rather disappointed and must admit that it wasn’t my best day either, so my voice might have been similar to a mouse squeak…^^

I sadly hugged the unwanted cake and kept moving through the main station to a) keep warm and b) find someone who might be happy to get the cake… I can’t tell you how many times I wandered through the whole main hall, standing still to scan the crowd with a determined Terminator stare and trying to find my lucky beggar – literally… I walked through the different floors, the lower floor, the middle floor – they all seemed to be gone! Usually you see them everywhere but that day I only saw happy people and policemen patrolling around… (That might actually be the reason why I couldn’t find them?). I even knocked on the door of the railway help center to ask if by any chance there was an immigrant family stranded there or something – but nobody opened the door… My gaze then rested upon a fairly happy looking man but oh so poorly dressed and unshaved and rugged I thought he might be my guy. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me and as I held the cake out to him and told him it was a present for him he beamed at me saying so much as “Nai – chasch sälber ässe!” meaning “No – you can eat it yourself”… That nearly made me laugh out loud as the poor man was just so happy and genuine I couldn’t but wish him a Happy New Year and keep on with my search…

As I reached my final destination I really wondered about Karma – the meeting point of the drug addicts and alcoholics was cleared… Where the hell was everyone?! I was just about to give up when I heard some laughter and turned to face indeed a crowd of drug addicts with their dogs – me happy to maybe make someone happy after all! I walked over and they were in a bright happy mood which for some reason made my crappy mood inside burst so I quickly explained to them what I had for them and yes – they were utterly grateful and genuinely happy and were kindly wishing me a Happy New Year and everything… Happy for them, happy about that but somehow due to my circumstances hollow inside, I left for my lonely tram ride back home…


5 thoughts on “Friday Flow #48: The Love Of Donating

  1. I have some thoughts swishing around my head about your post… but I can’t seem to take them and make words flow here… It is very good of you to want to give. Maybe it’s just best if I share a story… We had a particularly cold morning here the other day, and I took my warmest winter jacket (that I really don’t need since I have others and lots of layers I can wear if it ever gets too cold) and gave it to a homeless girl downtown. She was very grateful. Afterwards, I felt that perhaps I should have also given her a meal or something else. She is now wearing a very nice jacket, that doesn’t look like a homeless person’s jacket (puffy, white, with a faux fur lining on the hood), so will she be given as much by the random passersby? Or will she now have to get rid of that jacket because it doesn’t actually feed her or provide her with any other benefits? Will it actually take away from what she would normally get given?

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    1. Very interesting thoughts – I think I know where you’re getting at… We don’t always “see” the needy ones. There’s a whole lot more going on underneath the surface of those we meet every day at the train station and on the nearby streets. But they hide. Ashamed. And if you don’t see them, you can’t really help them directly but with the help of organisations. I think it’s great though that you gave your warm jacket away to her – I really think it was worth it and it will last her a long time and help her through hours of cold! That is very generous of your part ❤ It is a very difficult topic. I try to give whenever I can. Just the other day I gave some money to a guy and ended up realizing he tricked me and told me a lie…^^ I should've stuck to my principles to buy a meal or drink instead of just giving the money… Oooh, now you've got me on a thinking-reel as well!!! 😉

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      1. I totally understand what you mean… I think there will always be an amount of tricking people mixed amongst the others – it’s very hard to control or realize, depending… Let’s just always hope it gets to the right person! Have you heard of that custom where people buy a coffee and buy a few additional ones for the needy ones – so when they need a warm beverage they can check at the restaurants if somehone has bought one for them? I think that’s also a great way to help – also anonymously, if they don’t feel to show up. But maybe also another path for trickers to simulate and take advantage, alas… 😦

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