SL-Week #25: Macro

I haven’t joined one of those cool photo challenges by Sylvain Landry in felt centuries… New year, new opportunities – I feel like I should join some more and play along again 😉

And I had just recently taken a set of pictures of something that would match his theme “macro” of last week’s challenge. I must say I’m very bad with the macro-settings of my camera… In the end, they focus always ends up blurring and I get mad. If I only knew how to handle it properly… (Or maybe – if I only ever read the instruction manual, maybe?!^^).watermarked-SL week 25 - macroLet’s see if anyone finds out what it is. It’s something I used, saw how cool it looked and set aside for weeks (yes, procrastinating the photo shooting…^^) before I finally had a ball photographing it this past week.

I hope you like it 🙂


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