Silent Sunday, January 3rd 2016

watermarked-silent sunday message



20 thoughts on “Silent Sunday, January 3rd 2016

      1. I would never dare replacing a fully functioning phone *lol* Just kidding 😉 I’m actually afraid of the swap to a smartphone – I guess there might not be any way around that anymore^^


      2. I know, I know, it was not expedient of me to replace a functioning phone, but I wanted internet on my phone, so I got me a smartphone for my birthday. And another one when the old smartphone just broke down on me… Shocking!

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      3. Wow – it broke down already? How long did it last? I think new electonic devices have self-destroying-built-in-bombs. Nothing lasts for very long. Best if they break the day after the warranty expires! Pf…


      4. Yep. My two and half year old smartphone broke down completely (half a year after the warranty expired). I also firmly believe that all modern products are deliberately made so as not to last in order to make the consumer replace it. 😦

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      5. Oh I totally get what you mean – I MISS those things!!! When you had proper buttons to press and not some high tech touchscreen thingy that would screw up after a few times… Those things from back then truly lasted!!!


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